Good golfer but terrible at driving range?

Question by Good golfer but terrible at driving range?
Hey guys I’m a decent golfer about a 5-8 hcp and I can shoot low when I play but when I go to the driving range I can’t hit it straight almost at all any ideas? Thanks

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Answer by soCleen
Maybe its those cheap range balls and mats? or maybe you spend your time on the range working on something with your swing, and on the course your focus is the course and not the swing.

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  • Jeremy:

    I’d have to say it’s a mental thing. I’m also in your shoes, I’m a 3 handicap and can also shoot low when I have everything working. You need to start practicing with a purpose instead of just hitting balls at the range. You need to have your shots at the range mean something and have a specific purpose. When you play, your shots matter, you care more. At the range, because there are no consequences for a bad shot, I can see how it’d be translated into something that you woudn’t care about. Practice with a purpose.

  • Lawrie:

    You are fortunate, with most people the problem is the other way around (useless on the course, great at the range).

    If I had your problem I’d simply stay away from the range.

  • Joe:

    Well the good news is, is that you have the good version of this common issue, most golfers are great on the range and not able to transfer their range ability to the course. So first off, congrats there.

    As said before, the range balls could be an issue. They tend to use 80% balls. Meaning they are only 80% as pure as a normal ball that you would use on the course out of your bag. This means that they can move alot in the air depending on how you hit them and obviously only travel 80% as far as you’d hit a normal ball.

    Another reason could be psychological. You know on the course you have to perform and that every shot count, incorporate this with having time between shots to plan the next shot vs not moving on a range and knowing you can try the shot again from the exact same spot means you dont concentrate anywhere near as hard as you do on the course.

    My advice would be try take some old balls you have used or buy a bunch of used ‘course’ balls which are normal (100% pure) and take them to a field and see if it makes any difference. Especially now that you have to pick them up yourself!!

    Good Luck.