Golfing Yips

Golfing Yips
The twitch. The slight jerk. The sudden rush of blood to the head.

The dreaded golfing yips.

They can destroy a shot, a round or a career, and have plagued golfers since the inception of the game. The term was first coined by golfing legend Tommy Armour, and since they have destroyed aspects of the game for greats like Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Tom Watson and Bernhard Langer over 15 majors and five Masters jackets between them.

These golf yips can come in the form of golf swing yips, golf putting yips, golf swing shanks and a number of other problems with your game. If you are struck with a case of the golfing yips, you might find yourself standing over a putt and unable to bring the club back.

Likewise, you might find yourself with a short iron in your hand and unable to bring the club back down after making your back swing. With a driver in hand, standing on the first tee box, your hands may be shaking and your knees trembling as you try to hit a fairway.

Because of the golfing yips, your body is telling you to STOP. It is telling you to forget your instincts and removing your brain any memory of the past 1000 swings you have taken in your life. If this is the case, the golfing yips were likely caused by some past trauma on the links, and can destroy your game if you do not remedy the problem.

These yips represent themselves in the form of small twitches, jerks or staggers, and can force tremors throughout your body. Professional golfers have been quoted as saying that watching a fellow pro in the throes on the golfing yips can be a sad sight indeed. It has happened in other sports, notable in baseball with Yankee second baseman Chuck Knoblauch and Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel.

Just like golfing yips, the ones in baseball are stopping you from doing something youve always known how to do. You can fix this problem mentally without changing your fundamentals to get your swing working again. You must know the right ways to clear your mind and remove the tremors though.

These yips are can plague any golfer, and Tiger Woods yips are representative of the same ailments that can stop your game in its tracks. The kind of yips suffered by Tiger cause a nervous condition that stops the swing from working the way it should. For other golfers, these yips might prevent you from even moving your putter as you stand over the ball.

Nick Faldo, four time Masters champion, is often heard referring to it as a sudden rush of blood to the head, and while he may not be exactly right, hes got the idea it is all about the nervous system and the energy within the body. It is not a matter of fundamentals or mechanics changing your grip will not kill the problem. It is about the removing the block within the body and restoring your normal state of concentration and confidence.

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