Golfing Tips : How to Add Weight to a Golf Club

There are two basic ways to add weight to an iron golf club, including a metal weight with magnetic tape or iron fillings that go in place of the grip. Learn…
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7 Responses to “Golfing Tips : How to Add Weight to a Golf Club”

  • Pebble Beach:

    In correct instructions on the weighting -‘do your homework. 

  • canefan17:

    Could care less if he’s nervous or not.

    Adding weight down the shaft is idiotic.

  • Tejinder Gurm:

    absolutely right mate. maybe he is nervous being on camera.

  • Emil Hamady:

    sportsman214 is right.

  • 721junior:

    Do not listen to this. Adding weight to the toe slows the toe of the club
    through impact, holding the face open, creating a ‘fade bias’; adding to
    the heel has the opposite effect. Do not use iron filings unless your name
    is ‘Jethro’ and you use your club for hunting dinner. You use tungsten
    powder and a cork which are made for this purpose. Use a previously ‘cut
    off’ grip to dummy the club before corking the powder down, check with a
    scale, to make sure you have the swing weight correct.

  • bebo7002:

    Its backwards, If you put weight on the toe the face opens

  • james mase:

    if hes nervous he shouldnt be on camera, hes giving people bad information
    that may destroy someones golf game and self confidence. maybe he should
    write down what he wants to say and read it like a teleprompter. thats if
    he even knows what hes talking about. he may actually think weight on the
    toe will make the face close quicker which is completely false.