The golf master has published the best 50 stadium of the United States, the top one of which is the Pine Valley club. The Arista Stadium which held many U.S. opens , Zini Cork Mountain American golf clubs which held every year’s Masters , the Cypress Point , Mr Grams monte, round while followed by golf course, etc. These stadiums have a long history and inherent golf club culture, and have held a successive major golf tournaments. 

Outside the United States in the best 50 stadium the royal rural golf club of Northern Ireland exalts the top. Among the 50 stadium, the Scottish stadium have occupied a number of 12. Ireland has 8 after Scotland, while England 7, and Wales 1.   According to the nation, Britain has the largest number of this stadium, altogether accounted for 28, France and Spain each one. In addition to Europe, Australia and Canada each has four;

South Africa and Japan each has three;  New Zealand has 2;

Mexico and the Dominican, Bermuda and South Korea (Korean nine bridge golf club) each has one. The best stadium in the golf course, though there has personalities that other stadium cannot imitated, but it has a few common characteristics. 

In the selection, experts have in various criteria, but it has the same place when choose for many times. Above all, it needs “uniqueness” and “representative” that other places don not have. A prominent feature of Round Golf Course is outspread cliffs along cultivates. Mention the Augusta national club, on our mind will emerge with a pine tree in rich white beaches and green lawn with gorgeous appearance of the pitch.  

St Andrews, the old stadium has extensive fields, small stone bridge and golf hole bunker.  The stadium of inherent image became a pattern followed by other stadium.

Thus it played a leading and template model role. Second, the best stadium has their respective traditions.

Many modern stadium are built with the ideas deriving from the traditional ones 100 years ago. So these stadium have the features of tradition.

In addition, the best stadium though does not have natural quality but it can let a person feel fun from golf. The stadium whose facilities with a history of less than 10 years can also be the best stadium is for their these similar characteristics. Finally, the best stadium has continuous innovation ability. Whether Augusta national golf club or pine valley has continually upgraded or improved the jumping pit. Some stadium innovates for themselves to bid for the main competition; Some have to upgrade the irrigation and drainage facilities; Some stadium gradually changed in the original design and fame and diligently for the changes of the years.

By this time there is a constant principle, namely, no development is no improvement.

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