Golf Tips – What Powers the Golf Swing?

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    If you are pulling you are pulling the club down with your arms. Turn them off and start with your lower body. If you do you will hit it dead straight.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    You can’t get them in Australia. They are doppler radar which needs to be licensed in your country. Maybe someday.

  • Cloudy2Clear:

    Thanks for this lesson. I’m finally driving the ball with good distance. This vid got my swing speed up so that I actually felt the centrifugal force and weight of the club head. Felt like swinging a rope with a gallon of milk tied to the other end, actually feeling the head at the end of the shaft. The higher speed seems almost out of control, but I’m hitting most drives in the center and without slicing thanks to another of your lessons. Thanks again for helping me shoot my 1st sub-90 game.

  • strafeyt:

    I’ve watched this clip hundreds of times. It’s simply the best youtube lesson out there. This loose swing certainly takes some practise … I’ve nearly given up several times and returned to my old habits. Just lately, I seem to be finally getting the hang of it.
    Paul … we miss that red shirt and white pants! Please return and post some more videos.

  • sreno66:

    have gone from 14 to 12 h’cap since watching your lessons thanks. Every now and again pulling shots to left tho’ any feed back wud be grateful thanks again

  • geordiegeorge1948:

    Hello Paul
    I enjoyed your demonstration very much and look forward to trying your tips as soon as my Golf club is open again . Closed due to weather today .
    I already turn my wrists and shoulders to create whip with my hands and arms as relaxed as possible but still slice so hoping the leg and body movement together cures this
    Best Regards

  • Carson Wang:

    This is very helpful, thanks

  • soulerflare7:

    thanks Paul I was really getting frustrated with not gaining any clubhead speed. This has helped tremendously.

  • david g:

    Thank you for all your help I have not played for years but been working in garden on your tips I am 50 never had lessons but for the 1st feel like I have some real speed and cant wait to try out on course.

  • adzari:

    Paul, your videos have been a life saver… have improved so much after following your tips, especially turning off the arms.. Next, I need to get that mind set every time I play a round.. Thanks again!

  • John Malihi:

    Hi Paul, I love your videos, can’t get enough of them. I was wondering what is the difference between the 2 Swing Speed Radar units, one is RED the one you have in your videos and another looks the same but in BLUE. Where can I get one in Australia? Reasonably cheap if Looking forward to your advice, cheers mate.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    You are driving the hips way too hard. Keep the arms turned off. Swing slow and get used to this new feeling. Then speed up the body rotation a little. Get used to this speed. Then turn it up another notch and so on. You are trying to run before you can crawl.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    You want the lower body stable in the backswing. Once coiled you should be uncoiling with the lower body. No back pain is a good thing. Keep at it.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Glad I could help. Thanks.

  • ruddell6:

    thankyou paul you have helped me so much i have started to hit more consistently

  • wesbilly:

    good advice, I was taught by a long ball hitter that said be inactive below the waist. I was hitting them 270, 280, until my back gave out. now I coil and uncoil. no back pain, and I hit them consistently 250.

  • Casey Turnbaugh:

    Mr. Wilson the more I try to initiate the swing with my legs and relax my arms and wrists the more the ball goes high and right. I hit a ton of pushes and push fades the more relaxed I swing. My swing speed goes up, but so do the pushes. How can I hit draws and close my club face with out tightening up my arms and wrists?

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    I have these videos on my Ignition Golf website. Just take the FREE trial to get access then decide if you would like to join. Go to Ignition Golf (dot) com

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Turning the arms of is tricky. Here is how to get it: Simply hit 2/3 or 3/4 distance full swing shots with your clubs (example 7 iron 100 not 150 doing a full swing). By doing a full swing at less distance you have to start taking the arms and any hitting out of the swing. Once you get used to this easier swing with no arms you speed up the rotational speed of your body to hit it farther. Feel the legs hitting it not the arms. Using the lower body will allow the right elbow to tuck etc.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    There is a chart that comes with the Swing Speed Radar. I don’t have it with me at the moment. I would think you can find one online.

  • kaka_romeo:

    now m gonna burn the entire fairway!!! hahaha….

  • Ben Foreman:

    hey great video Paul. I’m off 13 and recently have lost my driving height. the ball hardly gets off the ground! could you do a video on how to get a better trajectory? many thanks

  • Yon Blanco:

    Hi Paul.Great videos.After years of swinging with my arms I see your principles are valid. When I first tried the change was amazing.But after few times I feel I’m back where I was.It is hard to feel lower body rotating.I’d like some advice on how to trigger the downswing.I get the feeling even if I fire my lower body,my shoulders are turning over the top,my right elbow is not falling in the slot and my swing plane is off.I’m definitely casting as opossed to feel the lag.Thanks for the advice

  • William Combs:

    Excellent video. Is there a chart or table that relates distance to clubhead speed? How much speed is needed to carry 200 yds?

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    No it’s an Oban Kiyoshi. Great shaft to lower the spin rate.

  • Chris McCarthy:

    great video mate

  • Lalo LopezCueva:

    I Try this week and i got very good results. Thanks from Guanajuato

  • Louie L:

    Thank you I think I have found the cause of my tennis elbow in my golf swing.

  • fhsflyfish:

    This tip is just what I needed. Worked the deep pump drill yesterday on the range before every shot. From PW to Driver couldn’t of been better.Long and straight. Since coming back from a back issue I didn’t have any power. It’s back! Thank you

  • Erika Kalman:

    I completely agree! My elbow was all over and therefore missed the ball a lot.  This video helped me to improve 100%. Thanks!

  • Neil Carruthers:

    Thats a great and easy to understand tip for all golfers i tried this today and hit the ball with more consistency,it just keeps everything tight through the impact zone and makes you use rotation with more speed-great video man!

  • stackleft:

    give up the game. that’s my tip!

  • Tracy Love:

    Mike, is this swing thought the same for hitting a driver? It seems that your golf tip is great for irons shots because the club is hitting down whereas the driver should be in sweeping position. Am I missing something? Thanks

  • Nancy Parada:

    Great tip.

  • Paul Williamson:

    just subbed..great tip,,,thanks…shaun clement my favourite ,,, you seen him.. maybe to technical… wha tyou think…

  • blackjackcz:

    Fantastic video. Thank you for sharing these tips. Very easy to follow.

  • Javier Duque:

    this video is just amazing!!!!

  • Jazzy Jeff:

    Mike, I’ve been playing 30 years and am a 12 hanicap. I’ve tried everything on the planet earth for endless hours and cannot hit a ball without casting. Thousands of hours video taping myself trying a million different drills were worthless. If there isn’t a ball there I don’t cast. Looks great on video. Put a ball there and there is the cast. I understand the theory as I’ve studied the swing intensely for 20 or so years. Any advice?

  • DaveSender66:

    Thanks for this tip. Make’s sense!! Thanks Mike.

  • MikePedersenGolfTips:

    You are very welcome @plum199!

  • MikePedersenGolfTips:

    Thanks @thelakersforlife!

  • MikePedersenGolfTips:

    The longer the club, the shallower you need to be coming into impact. That means, the club will look more laid off, and behind you coming down. But…nearing impact, the right elbow will again be in front of the right hip, and still slightly bent. Hope that helps.

  • MikePedersenGolfTips:

    Hey Andy, that’s awesome! Glad to hear you are hitting it better.

  • skippycromby:

    Mike I have used your workouts and they are excellent but this tip has transformed my iron play where have you been these past 20 years ! I do get the occasional ball going left which I am not sure if it is the toe turning over or my old over the top move which I have struggled with for years. My divots are 100% better and it has improved my ball contact to so any other tips you have to help cure this would be great. best regards Andy, Dubai UAE

  • Con Mason:

    I’m having trouble hitting the ball straight. No matter what I do, I always toe the ball off of my club. I’ve tried stepping up closer to the ball, I’ve tried keeping my head perfectly still, but I still toe the ball. If anyone would respond to my comment and give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

  • hatsee100:

    Hello Mike,

    With the Irons it is going great thanks to your drills but what about my fairway woods.
    The shaft is longer and I tried to do the same as with the Irons but no succes.
    What is your tip?
    Best regards,

  • Jasonshawpei:

    if u were close to me I’d kiss ya

  • Jasonshawpei:

    I am here to testify that this is my first summer golfing and I have taken it very seriously. I have over 400 balls and a net and a practice green that I used daily. I have watched you tube videos constantly every evening since I started golfing this spring in hopes to find some great tips but to no avail up till the day I watched this video! I have taken this exercise to the range and wow ! I’d’ve taken it to the course and wow

  • thelakersforlife:

    Best video on this topic on this website. GREAT job. 


    Great Tips& Thanks a Lot!