Golf tips to help stay down on the golf swing?

Question by jcom: Golf tips to help stay down on the golf swing?
Hit beautiful shots WHEN I can watch the ball through impact. But that is getting to be a problem. Any tips and tricks. Did not use to be a problem but the last few years it is ongoing.

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Answer by jimimaz
I try to concentrate on seeing the club make contact with the ball. Then let your right shoulder hit your chin and move it left. I also practice short putts,keeping my head down until I hear the ball drop in the cup.

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  • MY:

    Just look at a specific spot behind the ball. Don’t over do it, but just try to keep your head down until your shoulders automatically turn your head during follow through. 🙂 I hope this helps.

  • Doug N:

    Bend more at the knees instead at the waste, take more of an athletic stance. Do not pick up your head, your shoulder will push your head up by itself, just keep your head down. Those are the basics, hope they help.

  • alex:

    make your right shoulder go under your chin and extend fully thru impact.. you just have to tell yourself to stay down and hit down and thru the ball.. i have that probelm with my 2 iron.. i came up on it today playing.. i still hit it 250 into the wind.. but i didnt hit down on it causing it to be a little thin…maybe try looking at the front of the golf ball during your swing… GL

  • Will:

    Just concentrate harder.

  • David G:

    Not staying down on the ball is caused by tightening of the wrong muscles. Muscle tension is the main culprit of horrible golf shots. Develop a routine where your absolute Number 1 Goal (and the prevailing thought in your mind) is to swing the club head freely through the ball AT THE TARGET. People who swing at the ball instead of the target can hit the ball all over the course, and as a result, you can develop a tremendous amount of tension throughout your body. Swinging at the ball maximizes tension at the point of impact.

    Having a goal of swinging at the target with a loose and free swing prepares your body to execute the proper sequencing of muscle application to the ball. Always focus on the target! Your subconscious will take care of almost everything if your sole conscious thought is swinging the club head at the target.

    The loose and free swing ensures a full release of the club head and a lot of power. You should immediately begin hitting the ball much farther. If you are able to accomplish the full release, you will find you are ending up in the classic relaxed finish pose you see the pros make, with your hips and shoulders fully turned through and your hands over your left shoulder. This is the natural position of a full release and should not be forced. You can rehearse this finish with your practice swings, and these practice swings will also help you feel what a relaxed swing and a full release feels like.

    Lastly, I mentioned an increase of power is likely. However, you don’t want to try to hit the ball hard. That increases tension. You can take several very hard practice swings to see what 100% effort feels like. Now reduce effort so that you are only swinging with about 75% effort. Your muscles can easily accomplish that without tension, and most of the great teachers will tell you a primary key to consistency is hitting every shot with only 75 or 80% effort.

    You can repeat that swing (and the great results) over and over. An efficient swing at 75% will hit the ball much farther than a tight swing with 100% effort. Effortless Power! Just like Fred Couples…

    Just remember, the Number 1 Goal is always to swing AT THE TARGET.

  • Hawk:

    ,ake sure you are pivoting properly, believe it or not pulling up is caused by a poor weight shift causing the golfer to go through the hitting area on his right side instead of left. This causes the body to pull out, same feeling (weight shift) as throwing a ball.

  • glasstin10:

    Truly, the best idea, is to ask a golf proffesional at your nearest driving range. There, you can ask as many questions as you want, and the instructor will guide you throughout your swing. It makes it alot easier than reading other peoples ideas because you dont know truly that you are making the perfect swing. I hope your game improves!