Golf Tips – The Correct Golf Grip – Passive Golf Tip – Ron talks about the most important part of golf – the correct golf grip with passive hands.
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19 Responses to “Golf Tips – The Correct Golf Grip – Passive Golf Tip”

  • molamann:

    I used to “palm” my grip for nearly 3 years of golf and that always equated
    to inconsistent swings and extreme slicing. This all changed when I learned
    to properly grip a few weeks ago using the fingers like mentioned in the
    video and I can’t express just how much it has improved my game. In
    addition, gotta say I actually enjoy myself out in the field now.

  • The Mental Coach:

    This is a great tip. It reminds me of something Sam Snead once said: “If a
    lot of people gripped a knife and fork the way they do a golf club, they’d
    starve to death.”

  • cookeddan:

    or eat with their hands 🙂

  • RobertMirzakhanian:

    Simple and so true the shape of grip on the club is designed for this

  • jamess340:

    @bts1995 lol haha cool

  • correctgrip:

    Great tip. We have a golf glove that helps with everything Ron just
    covered. Our glove, which conforms with USGA rules, provides the golfer
    with visual feedback and ensures a Correct Grip on every shot. Google
    “Correct Grip” to find our website.

  • bubbawatsonisbeast:

    wow thank you i knew it was my grip the whoe time! now im ready for my
    upcoming tournaments

  • sean02370:

    @helmhashis ha ha i 3was thinkin the same thing……jack-ASS

  • paulydublinboy:

    the best description of getting the grip right i have ever seen. I have
    always gripped to tightly and now with the grip pressure scale demo I am
    getting better shots! good stuff

  • Joel Black:

    Is that Shooter McGavin?

  • StevenSupernatural:

    Thanks. Very helpful

  • bts1995:

    @jamess340 your holding it too tight… Have you ever held a live bird? You
    dont want to hold it tight enough to kill it but tight enough to keep it
    from flying away. hope that helps

  • kgmelectrics:

    Very good advice. Head rotation tip also very true.. Like the way you teach.

  • bts1995:

    @jamess340 yeah i got that from a really good golf movie

  • jamess340:

    everytime i hit the ball the joint of my thumb hurts any1 care to help

  • StevenSupernatural:

    Haha nah, he looks a little like him, but this is Ron Del Barrio. Shooter
    was played by Christopher McDonald

  • jamess340:

    @bts1995 thx 4 the help, and good comparison too lol

  • bobgsearch:

    havent heard from you a long time. happy holidays

  • Kevin Barth:

    This cured my slice… Thank you