Golf Tips, Lessons, Instruction & Drills – Hitting A Driver

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Back in the 90’s he shot a series of instructional videos for regular Joe’s like you and me. We found these lost videos and mashed them together in this newe…

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  • thelakersforlife:

    I see everyone shoots 12 under and drives 470 in here.

  • habs36:

    Great tip. I was slicing my driver and 3 wood and then went to my 7 iron swing, and hitting 300 yards. TaylorMade RocketBallz 3 wood rocks. Hitting it as long as my R11

  • Gorilla James:

    Check out the my video hitting my Long drive driver, rising stinger at the end

  • M@:

    which pixel is the driver?

  • raysdga:

    Sounds like you are using a forward press at address. You don’t want to do that on the driver. Hands should be behind on the driver to hit on upswing. As far as your snap hook it sounds like your weight is falling on your right foot at impact which is a reverse pivot. There are only two places the ball can go when you hit your drive from your right foot(right handed player) low and left with a snap hook and high and right with a fade. So stay off your right foot hands behind the ball.

  • Anthony McMahon:

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  • David Breslow:

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  • DJDepRemixes:

    Great tips

  • genin69:

    can you guys maybe reload this with better quality?

  • Isadora Hibbs:

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  • Chase Wind:

    Hey Steve. I have trouble getting the ball in air with my 10.5 degree Wilson Driver. i mean i can hit 70-120 but it tends to stay REALLY low. :/ please help me get the ball in air. ( although this situation happens only sometimes and i cant fix it sometimes. ) help. this is embarrassing because i can hit my 7 iron further 0.0

  • JvoxProductions:

    great video thanks!

  • signoffs:

    I watched this video then went and played probably had my best game off the tee I’ve ever had…apparently my placement was way off. I hit consistently straight w/ a little fade about 180-200 yds…I’m thinking I need a stiffer shaft. But anyway…thank you…improved my game in the matter of a 10 min video.

  • watertonrivers:

    P.S. Don’t think too much about spine tilt. Just make sure your head is slightly behind your hands at address. If your clubface is open after trying these things, either your grip is way off or you are pressing your hands too far foward.

  • watertonrivers:

    See my comment to BigRedRacer. Try hovering the club slightly off the ground at address. If you set the club on the ground, it will have a tendency to open slightly, especially if it’s sitting on uneven ground. Besides, when you come back to impact your driver face should not be skimming the ground at all!! So it makes sense to hover the driver head slightly off the ground!!

  • watertonrivers:

    Try swinging your left arm across your chest in the backswing in line with the right shoulder. If you were to stop at the top of your backswing your hands and left arm should be in line with your right shoulder. As you start the downswing, focus on a spot slightly on the inside half of the ball and make sure you’re transfering your weight to the left foot and leg as you rotate to finish. Hogan said he liked to feel as if his elbows were connected to the body. Watch his videos!!

  • BigRedRacer:

    I am just now learning how to play golf. I am having many problems. My main problem is that I keep missing the ball when I swing. I played baseball growing up and it is like I am pulling on a pitch when I swing. My front shoulder keeps moving out. What can I do to correct this? Any drills?

  • Lewis Mundy:

    Fantastic video.

  • qssurf14:

    blah blah blah blah blah

  • saijinkai:

    Thanks for the vid. I’m a decent iron player, but my driving has always suffered. So when I address the ball your way, my club face is slightly open (my driver is set to square) . Is this how it’s supposed to be? My bad shots with the driver is a low hook or just low short distance ball of any kind. Thanks in advance

  • goodnewseverybodycom:

    I accidentally broke a driver while at the driving range as I hit it too hard on the ground

  • jcking33:

    yeah you’re right!! thanks 🙂 golf rocks

  • harinder brar:

    Awesome video; this video has really worked for me; nothing else has!


    tee is too high up. i really dont have a clue either

  • TheCanadianKid92:

    Hey I’m 19 years old and just starting to try golf this year. I can hit with a driver but I usually hit straight up. I have a hard time choosing how to not hit it up as high as I am. Does anyone have any tips for a new golfer such as myself? I’ve only maxed out hitting 250 and I know thats not much but I started 2 months ago and try the range once a week usually. Thank you for any advice 🙂

  • Nicholas Meares:

    The only commercial I remember is the cardboard gallery, but the rest were just as brilliant and I don’t even golf!

  • Linda Candy:

    I really like this selection of tips – it adds fun to the game and that is what golf should be about enjoyment and fun! I am going to share this on my Facebook and Google + page – thank you.

  • Yap Mun Kheong:

    his ball still flying

  • Justin Huang:

    Thanks Tiger! Those tips really helped……….

  • KWill2407:

    Those shirts!

  • TheArfdog:

    … since he could afford his own caddie

  • Luigi Teodoro:

    Did the ball land?

  • MrKydaman:

    We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
    For some (Tiger Woods) golf is easy, but other things (monogamy) may be extremely hard.

  • Canibus Lecter:

    “grip the club gently, like a wounded bird”


  • Walter Allred:

    When that dude ripped a ball through granny’s head I about shat myself! Brilliant.

  • Pablo Borges Asenjo:

    Me ha matado el pepinazo que les suelta a los carteles el hdp17!!

  • xD4NNOx:

    The first bunker Tiger’s raked himself!

  • qrrbrbirbel2:

    just caught sight of it going over my house here in the UK, its certainly one of tigers shorter drives if you ask me, he should play with a slightly higher tee next time i think

  • Buffoon1980:

    As amusing as it is, those tips in the second ad have had more of an impact on my swing than just about anything else.

  • Joe Blow:


  • mkhwkns:

    Who said anyone cares? I’m calling you a liar.

  • Andrew Hutton:

    Was this a joke?



  • zachishellacool:

    “Next week, basic tips on difficult shots.”

  • TheArfdog:

    Nobody cares but you, bra

  • joey bats:

    i heard it landed the other day. somewhere in russia

  • charlatan19:

    Never saw these !!! Thanks for posting, I’ll be on tour by next week for sure !

  • mkhwkns:

    Yeah, ok, whats your handicap?

  • mobydoug:

    Nice. Lately, he’s been forgetting some of his own lessons on the weekends in the majors……when it counts most. Will he remember the old magic in time for the 2013 PGA? For that matter, when will Rory M remember the magic that his new Nike clubs seem to have erased?

  • DaanGolfing:

    legend says that ball is still going.