Golf Tips : Iron vs. Driver

There are many differences between golf irons and drivers, as one is meant to be hit off of a tee, and the other is meant to be hit on the ground. Learn abou…
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9 Responses to “Golf Tips : Iron vs. Driver”


    i like the fact he said tht a driver isnt designed to hit off the
    ground….i hit my driver off the ground like a boss

  • Ramdizzle86:

    I don’t think any iron is designed to take divots before the ball – 1:15

  • 1southwestCap:

    dont they make “fairway drivers” ? i thought i used one today..

  • mikepownzall:

    @mattrocks9987 Big advantages having the club on the left heel ( for right
    handed players) can result in huge gains in yardage and accuracy….trust
    me just do it

  • Superddrdan:

    @Ramdizzle86 he says takes turf out afterwards

  • mattrocks9987:

    I’ve been wondering about the difference for some time now, thanks for
    shedding some light on the subject. I’ve always thought that you hit the
    driver and the iron on the down swing to result in a backswing and a longer
    shot. What are the advantages of hitting the driver on the upswing as
    apposed to on the down swing? Matt

  • matkasim:

    this should be the f irst lesson for all golfers actually

  • Arman Vaziri:

    i like how at 3:04 he says the ball placement is in the middle but at 3:09
    he moves the ball close to the left foot… hypocrite….

  • dbasrus:

    Since he’s standing at a slight angle to the camera, I think you’ll find he
    just moved back a bit and that the ball placement was still “more in the
    middle”, exactly as stated… tosser….