Golf Tips – Hitting Driver – Bell Bay Golf Academy – Golf Lessons

Visit Bell Bay Golf Club’s Golf Academy in Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, Award winning Canadian PGA Professional Ted Stonehouse, teachin…
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CHECK OUT MY ONE PLANE GOLF SWING SERIES FOR MORE !!!! Ged Walters shows you how to hit your driver using the one plane swing method. Play your best golf wit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to “Golf Tips – Hitting Driver – Bell Bay Golf Academy – Golf Lessons”

  • Superion Solace:

    Funny comments on the pants. But keep in mind that the ideal golf attire
    allows for maximum flexibility and comfort, which I’m sure those pants
    provide plenty of. I would rather wear something like that while playing
    golf than a pair of jeans.

  • eric steve:

    He’s pants are so blown out

  • Jimmy Nguyen:

    His pants… Haha

  • Abdul Hai Biswas:

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  • pab bee:

    Those pants

  • TheAshizz:

    I played football basketball and track in high school golf is hands down
    the hardest sport ive ever picked up…

  • muttiplay:

    he sounds like saul goodman

  • Branigan Satterfield:

    Those pants…

  • insanebass fisher:

    golf is harder than you think it is

  • Alec Wylie:

    AHAHAHHAHAH them pants though 

  • Jeffrey Bingham:

    Bell Bottom Golf Academy

  • ThisLadWayne:

    cool vid

  • schlibbe:

    Got pants?

  • jason stanley:

    How original are the jokes on here, bunch of losers on YouTube, shameful

  • ExcelBaller:

    mc hammer back up dancer pants

  • marcus ogren:

    the kid has fat pants to lol

  • fhsdawgs377:

    @somdogg he said hold your finish, he never got pissed at him

  • gratickner:

    This fella needs to sort his fucking trousers out don’t he? I’d be worried
    about him swapping my ball with an exploding one!

  • 3videnc3:

    man i wish i could hit like that

  • Legoman19892:

    Those are pleats. AKA Gramp pants.

  • Greg Mac Lean:

    Too much technical talk and not enough actual hitting the ball. Almost a 5
    min. video and 80% of it is baggy pants talking


    Hes the pro at my golf course now haha, still wears the same baggy as shit

  • thowdy:

    MC Hammer might have a couple pair in the back of his closet.

  • Mohammed Khimji:

    he said “tit” on 3:00

  • tomsmith100:

    Hit the ball.

  • Jim Peters:

    Hi Ged, Thank you for a wonderful series on the one plane swing, it has
    been informative and very insightful. Unlike a fair amount of youtube
    videos it covers all aspects of instructions without being lengthy. I am 70
    years of age and have always played with a swing that resembled a one plane
    swing, this was a result of being a hockey player. Lately I have been
    trying to gain more distance and have been trying to speed mt hip rotation
    on the downswing. This has resulted in me slicing the ball whereas I always
    had a draw. You video on impact made me realise where I was going wrong.
    Will initiate my downswing with the shoulders and involve the hip a little
    later.. Will keep you up to date after my next round of golf. Thank you
    once again for a great series on the one plane swing.

  • Victor Calderon:

    Great advice Ged! Much appreciated! I try it out this weekend at the range!

  • Tony Padovano:

    Is this basically Stack and Tilt ?

  • adsfaedaer:

    nice one, I was struggling with the weight shift thing for driving, i guess
    this is almost pre-setting what i’d do normally for an iron. I think that
    will help me a lot, can’t wait to try it out. 

  • rob ramsay:

    thanks for great video Ged.was struggling with too much forward movement
    when driving. was far better today using this tip far better strike.longer
    and straighter 

  • Jim Peters:

    Thank you Ged, I will be playing tomorrow. I am in Perth Western Australia
    and the weather is at its’ best at this time of the year.Will get back to

  • pmcgrattan:

    Thanks Ged much appreciated

  • Jim Peters:

    Hi Ged, Just back from my game. Hit the ball well but did not compress the
    ball as usual. Did not slice the ball. Regards Jim

  • Ged Walters Golf: