Golf Tips – Hit The Driver 300+ Yards!!! – Please note: I am not saying to hang back through the entire swing with the driver, what I am saying is, at the point of impact …
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  • Lien Ronnoco:

    A great tip i use to “stay behind the ball” when I hit my driver is I try to hold my shoulder in place at the top of my back swing, facing the target. This does 2 things: helps you stay behind the ball at impact and the resistance creates the torque needed to hit the ball long. if that makes any sense.

  • mark stanford:

    you can not hit the ball 300 yards with a swing speed that slow sorry

  • docchoi:

    Great video

  • Francesco Cosimi:

    He seems like Rocco Siffredi

  • MultiJd88:

    Thanks a lot for this great video. I used to think golf was stupid but I’m really into it now thanks:)

  • Raj Ghai:

    You are too good

  • Rogier van Kuijk:

    Nice tips and instruction. Gonna try this. Currently have my weight kind of in the middle of my stance.

  • Jeanice Blacker:

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  • Lawrence Mo:

    Sure what is your home address?

  • Jonny surridge:

    can you write me a detailed e-mail or letter to explain where 205 yards came from? thanks

  • buckeyemondo:

    no such thing as centrifugal force, only centripetal.

  • Cpt_Boyo:

    I still hit 250 no slice. This video did not helped me. -_-”

  • Ratio Aktive:

    Thanks for the tip


    Ha ha ha ha, hilarious, I was skeptical the whole time but then was convinced I was being goofed on when he said “and if it doesn’t pull me forward and I hang and fall backwards that’s totally acceptable as well”. We followed C Howell lll and Vijay for the entire round at The Barclay’s a year ago. Cannot remember for the life of me either one of them “falling backwards” during any of the pure BOMBS they were launching.

  • Julius Mohacsi:

    Good advice.

  • nickysantoro314:

    Yeah. So whey the hell are you watching instructional videos then?

  • Nick Preston:

    i already hit the ball 285 and straight

  • Cyril Maréchal:

    The best way to gain 30 yards: back your stance, open the right foot and make easy but fast swing.

  • Klistern2:

    they never hit a 300 yd drive at the end.. why not?…lol

  • Cougman1978:

    known golf before you mentored on youtube

  • Matt McLaughlin:

    This worked great for me. I’m an 11 handicap but can’t get off the tee. Have not been able to figure out how I can hit long irons so well and not the driver. At least with this approach, all my drives are bombed, sometimes out of play, but not a smothered 50 yard hook shot!

  • HurleyAshes25:

    This guy lost all credibility when he mentioned “centrifugal force”. There is no such thing as centrifugal force.

  • Bluecrew27:

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  • davetits:

    Crossfield is awesome!

  • Andy B:

    They are some big trousers!