Golf Tips – Hit The Driver 300+ Yards!!!

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25 Responses to “Golf Tips – Hit The Driver 300+ Yards!!!”

  • Ninja_Prime:

    I like your example of the hip turn exercise, and I agree with you about
    the lag. I have started to incorporate this into my golf-swing when hitting
    my driver, and it does help a lot.

  • Ron Judd:

    All good tips, but it takes a long time to build them into your swing.

  • Matthew Dougherty:

    Here’s what you need to hit a ball 300 yards
    1) Hit the ball just slightly higher then center on the clubface, higher
    launch lower spin
    2) Hit up on the ball. Lowers spin and optimizes timing
    3) Lag is a myth, there are a lot of golfers who hit the ball long with out
    lag. Sadlowski has a ton of hand speed, not lag speed. He’s a former hockey
    player, he has fast wrists.
    4) Have a higher than 115+ mph swing speed
    5) Solid contact, you want to minimize the amount the face angle from the
    swing path, and you want a slight inside to out swing path. This promotes a
    less oblique striking angle.

    If you can do that, you can carry the ball 300 yards. Good luck.

  • David Schultz:

    Once I noticed I thought I could see his underwear through the pants,
    everything changed. 

  • NooBGameR:

    Thank you sooo much I’m 14 and are beginning to actually golf and my drives
    have been averaging about 150 yards and I went to the range and tried this
    I hit 225. That’s amazing for a 14 year old my coach said. So thank you.
    Please continue vids like these. You earned my subscription because of this
    video. Thank you. 

  • Guy Major:

    And unless your club head speed is around 115-120 you aren’t hitting the
    ball 300. No matter what. 

  • Emily Bowen:

    drive 6 better holes on my second round of golf keep it up like the videos

  • iamsupreme1:

    I currently hit 275 on a regular basis, with a swing speed of 110 mph. This
    has been proven on the professional swing and ball flight analysis machines
    you see at the proper golf shops such as American golf, (where I had mine
    done). I hit this with a typical ball spin rate of 3400 rpm with a 9 degree
    club face. With this in mind, can anyone advise me on how to increase my
    swing speed to say 120? or more? as I have the technique and the
    consistency but not the speed and 300+ yard drives I really want? Any help
    would be appreciated.

  • McKenzie Hutson:

    How to build a golf swing

  • Kierran Mears:

    Is this corvera golf club in Spain, Murica?

  • macleryy:

    i´m hitting my drives only 220 average and I´m a good player I´m a 10 hdp I
    hit the ball straight but not distance, I always think of hitting easy and
    loose, but results are not so good. Should I put some strenth on my swing?
    good video

  • harvey nix:

    cant wait can you tell now !;)

  • iGolftv:

    Interesting feedback Arunboja. If i was your coach i’d tell you to work
    hard on set up and holding your finish. Lose the anxiety and tension in you
    swing and mind and you will see big changes. I have been working super hard
    on some information that is going to change the way almost all golfers play
    the game, its coming soon so keep watching! dm

  • Billy Badass:

    This is exactly what I needed to see. Best driving lesson on youtube.

  • Alfie Lontoc:


  • iGolftv:

    @skillingpker Ha ha glad you liked that Sk… hitting it over 400 now??

  • trunkbangking:

    good tips

  • arunboja:

    Eager to watch those

  • blackops617:

    Being 13, it’s not terrible. Most 13 year olds don’t have a lot of power so
    it takes them longer to get to the pin, resulting in more shots per hole,
    resulting in higher scores. I’m 15 and my handicap is 4. But when i was 13,
    it was about a 12. I have a lot more power now behind the ball, and i’ve
    simply gotten better. Just keep playing and you’re handicap will go down.
    By the way, don’t listen to cricketkid1111 he’s just a dick.

  • Marctronx500:

    thanks for this

  • Aaron Leyden:

    I don’t bomb a drive I just use my 5 wood with an average of 240 I hate
    bombing a drive because I feel more comfortable with an 8 iron rather than
    a wedge

  • Jason Markovich:

    Awesome video. I’ve been conceptually trying to increase my driver speed
    and never really considered the lag in my swing. I’m not certain whether I
    do a lot of ‘casting’ but I’m looking forward to hitting the range soon and
    thinking about the lag while I hit my driver.

  • WhatItDoLips:

    after watching this, then watching some film of my own swing. i have now
    worked out flaws, though at the moment anywhere between 270-300yds of the
    tee isn’t uncommon for me & i’m rather straight, i thought with how fast i
    swing the club i should be going a little further… now looking back on my
    videos, i now understand i basically ”cast” my downswing… i’m 26 and
    have only been playing 10 or so months so my swing is still raw. but this
    video has opened my eyes to maybe hitting longer – thx!

  • Tambo74:

    Dam i clicked on here by accident.

  • marcky89869:

    I’m 22, 6.4 feet tall and aboit 175 pounds. My best drive pn a straight
    hole no wind was 320 yards. But I average about 280. I’m a 9.5 handicap. I
    cant get how you 12 years old kid get 4-6 handicap? Wtf lol I”ve been
    playing for 11 years but only on summer time. I also drive a 9.5 degre ben