Golf Tips : Golf Tips for Better Iron Shots & Control

Golf Tips : Golf Tips for Better Iron Shots & Control

For better iron control in golf, try using a club that may seem like it will travel too far, as most balls are hit too short. Create backspin with an iron by…
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  • Theo Evdox:

    The divot tip helps me put spin on the par threes for birdies and pars thanks man

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  • Drew Obitts:

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  • Keldorn87:

    Haha when he asked how many balls have you overhit as opposed to underhit, I was expecting the former, as that seems to be my issue. Guess I need to grab a higher club.

  • Countrylovercanada69:

    Like the tip! Thanks!!

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  • TCJaKePS3:

    First of all the ball does not roll off the top of the clubface unless you hit it there and second of all you do not hit the ball into the ground you hit the ball on the downswing and then your club continues down after the ball leaves the clubface creating a divot

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