golf tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Question by jon: golf tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
tips on lowering score
best golf ball to uses
just some good tips

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Answer by Brogan98
The only way to lower your score is to practice. Its the quality of the practice that matters, not the quantity. Don’t spend too much time on the range as it is much easier to fix your swing then it is to become a great putter which is more important. You need to devote most of your practice time into your short game. Practice hitting different shots around the green.. some simple and some you would get out on the course. Have putting competitions with either yourself or friends to get into a competitive mode. Get into your routine on your putting and not into the result. You will make much more putts not worrying about whether the ball goes in or not. After you stroke the putt it.. its not up to you whether the ball goes in or not. Try to practice like you would on the course.

There isn’t one brand of golf balls that are the best. You need to try different brands and see which ones are best for YOUR game. If you need more distance off the tee get a long ball. If you need to spin the ball more get a softer ball.

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  • Roadster0075:

    My tip for you might be boring cos it involves things you may not want to do… Play safe and dun be a Tiger woods. Keep your play in the farways… control your ego thus the swing and play safe… We all have a tenacy to swing hard and hit the furthest and it hurts our game the most… So think about course management the next time… it brought my game to 84 and now i have more confidence.

  • Mad Scientist...:

    Natural ability combined with LOT’S of practice.

    Golf is NOT a game to be taken lightly IF you want to play on a competitive level.

    BTW…practice LOT’s of putting and chipping…drive for show…putt for $ $ $ $

  • betotron:

    learn to pitch and run with 5 iron

    90 to 120 feet to the green

  • Punter92:

    If you work on the short game such as chipping and putting it will lower your score. Grip the handle low near the shaft and keep your hands relaxed. Get Some Lessons with your Golf Pro and Practice! Practice! Practice!

  • Mick St James:

    More often than not the mistakes happen before the swing even begins. The first mistake is made in how the golfer holds the golf club. After that the next mistake usually comes in with how they stand up to the ball. Poor posture. Then after having two strikes against them, they then finish the job of making it almost impossible to hit a good golf shot by improperly lining up to their intended target.

    Here are some basic golf tips

  • Sam:

    To lower you scores
    – practice putting this is where you score (75% + of your golf game is played on and around the green)
    – make sure you are accurate and precise when swinging a club- consistency is very important
    – play as much as possible in diverse conditions
    -make it fun ( it is hard to get better if you aren’t enjoying the game)

    Best golf balls
    -Any that are spherical lol


  • Hannah:

    Lowering Score- Lessons and practice (can’t do it any other way), Best golf ball- Depends on your game. I like to use halfway cheap balls that are still really good balls such as “Precept”, “Wilson”, and “Pinnacle”. Other really good and expensive balls to use can be “Nike”, “Titleist”, and “Callaway”. And really crappy balls are “Top Flite”, “Slazenger”, and pretty much no-name balls, and Tips- Always have good golf edicate on the course, be patient, and have fun.