golf tips??

Question by forest lover: golf tips??
my of my executive bosses asked me to play golf with him,hes kind of old.i absolutely hate golf but i dont want to tell him no.
since i know alot of business deals are made on the golf course as well as promotions. 🙂

ive never played golf before except minature golf with some friends,lol.
any tips?
what should i use in a sand trap?
i dont want to look like an idiot when im with him.

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Answer by gagger
you will be better off telling him that .you have just begun to play golf and that you are not very good at it yet but you will go with him on a latter date . when you get better . golf is not an easy game to play .you have to develop your game and learn to swing the club and hit the ball straight first . if you go golfing with an experienced golfer and you don’t know how to golf you will blow any business deal that you are trying to make .as well as upset the other players that you are with . this is not good and a very bad business practice. if you do have to go golfing with the boss i would recommend that you go to your local golf course and take some lessons from the club pro the lessons are cheap and it will give you some idea of what you are doing . good luck and remember to golf is fun to bogey is a deal breaker .
i would also recomend buying a good set of clubs most business men use ping or calloway clubs as for your sand trap question the sand wedge wouls be the club to use . but on most tee offs you need to know what club to use also it is not always the driver depending on the yardage to the green . and you need to know what club to use for how far you want to hit the ball weather you want to pitch,drive,putt,lob or strike the ball. if you dont know what your doing you will make a fool of yourself .
in the worst case you could always tell your boss that you are a beginner golfer and you would be happy to go with him if he will help you to inprove your game . that way not only will you keep the boss happy but it will also show him/her that you are ready to take on more tasks to further your career .golf is a gentlemans game and has been played for centurys and has opened the door to bigger and better things in the business world ….. good luck

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  • JuanMa2828:

    try hitting the ball and aim at your boss.

  • poolesvillegc:

    Slow down, bud. First off, think of another sport that you haven’t played…polo for example. Do you imagine that you could just jump on a polo pony and ride it and play the game well because you rode took a trail ride when you were 12? (Especially with your boss watching).

    Here is the best way to prepare for golf with your boss. Find your local PGA Professional. Take a series of lessons, including a playing lesson. Ask him (or her) to set up a practice program for you. If you are athletic and dedicated to practicing, you may be ready for your first round with your boss in a few weeks. If you are not athletic, plan on about 6 months to get ready.

    After you hit your first ball well, you may find that you like pounding a golf ball well over two football fields.

  • madisonblly:

    Maybe its to your advantage that your a beginner golfer because you should let him win in a non obvious way. For basics use only three wood of the tee and use a club called a sand wedge in the sand trap in the sand hit the sand before the ball chunk it out good luck. Just stay in balance swing easy and try to hit it. If you have any athletic skill use it and improvise have fun tell him your a beginner not very good and that you are looking forward to your game with him. Even though he is old he might be able to score so he could probably win which is a good thing right??

  • Doug:

    go to for a lot of great info and improve your game section for great tips

  • flashpro:

    Go get some lessons…any lessons with your local PGA Professional will help tremendously

  • Chanclito:

    The best tips would be:
    1) Don’t even BEGIN to try to hit your long irons (anything from a 5 iron up)
    2) Don’t try to crush the ball. Just swing easy.
    3) Don’t get frusterated

    Let him know that you’re still a beginning. Maybe he will even be willing to assist you with some tips as well and get you closer to a promotion 😉

    Oh, and pray to god you don’t get in the sand trap. If you do just wait till he’s not looking and toss it up on the green haha.

  • loveitorleaveit1111:

    I’ve been a golfer for quite some time and I’ve helped many of my friends who are just beginning. The one common mistake they all make (and me too when I’m careless) is swinging too hard. You really only want to swing, as a beginner, at maybe 50-60% of your max. The most important thing for a beginner is to be able to make solid contact and advance the ball. There is nothing worse than playing with someone who only moves the ball forward about 15 yards at a time (and this is mostly caused by? You guessed it, swinging too hard!)

    Also, you need to know when enough is enough. If, for instance, you’re playing a par three, after six shots or so, you should probably just pick your ball up and move onto the next hole. I hate playing with people who are terrible and slow. I can live with terrible and on pace, but terrible and slow is no fun.

    So remember, just relax, swing smooth with solid contact as your main goal and don’t try to be a hero, know when to throw in the towel on any given hole and be ready to move onto the next one.

    2 quick, practical tips: on the full swing – imagine that, on the backswing, you are reaching back to shake somebody’s hand, once the club is parallel to the ground, take your arms straight up, i.e. don’t continue to go around your body, then, once you’ve gone back/up as high as you comfortably can, start with your arms/hands and come straight down, through the ball, not at it.

    For sand shots – because of the design of your sand wedge (all sand wedges), you will want to aim your feet and body left (assuming you play right-handed) of your target with the face of the club remaining aiming at your target. Then, just use your normal swing but remember to hit the sand 2-3 inches behind your ball with a downward motion (that’s where the bounce on your sand wedge comes in handy, it won’t just dig in, it will slide under and lift your ball out).

    I hope this helps and have fun! Attitude will be, ultimately, more important than how you play.