Golf Swing Tips : How to Hit a Golf Ball With Irons

To hit a golf ball with irons, you want to focus on striking the ground with the bottom of the club. Starting hitting your irons correctly with tips from a p…

25 Responses to “Golf Swing Tips : How to Hit a Golf Ball With Irons”

  • Gerardo Hernandez:

    super sweet hit smooth if you say i’m new you can jack off 

  • Mark Vaughn:

    The videos seen here are great. Sometimes it is good to see the technique
    in action.

  • Melissa Kohrman Porter:

    wish it would load….

  • Frooshantay:

    omg this makes so much more sense then my golf lessons… and this is free..

  • PoolBoysTX1:

    2:00 – 2:05 “As long as the golf club strikes the groung FIRST..” nooooo…
    that would be incorrect… this would be considered a “caught it Fat”
    situation… Golf ball first, then the dirt…

  • dnnyshdy:

    Watch a slo mo video of a pro hitting the ball

  • TheTennesseeFred:

    Thanks. I never knew that the angle of bottom of the club was the same as
    the face 🙂 This makes sense in relation to ball striking to me. Thak you,

  • A7X0313:

    you should have your own show.. i know i’d watch it

  • DJMerkEm:

    I didnt know Hugh Hefner was commentating this video.

  • Dominic Chong:

    @BulletTheory05 Keeping your hands quiet basically means that you got to
    use less of your hands. Meaning no wrist motion, not too hard on your grip.
    I think whoever your coach is will teach you more about this. I’m no pro. I
    am just a 14 year old kid.

  • rapkudos:

    im the swinger haha classic

  • jscreen89:

    Very helpful

  • cnewman8phoenix:

    when my neighbors invited me to come over and meet some swingers, i didn’t
    realize they were talking about hitting the links!

  • sumthindodgy:

    gonna try this, but at 1.53 he just said ”im the swinger in the golf
    club” hahaha…quality 🙂

  • bigwilly1271:

    haha press 9… why you teachin golf then big guy?

  • Btwistin:

    This is a mediocre tip. Must be for someone that has only used a putter
    hitting through a spinning windmill

  • Ben Kerr:

    Thanks. I went out in the backyard and did what you said to no avail. Then
    I did the opposite; I lifted the ball and that worked great. I’m not trying
    to be sarcastic or mean. Because of this video I fixed my swing, even
    though I did not follow the video. Thanks…I guess haha

  • Billy Bob:

    I’m sorry but he’s wrong for long shots. and that stance advice sucks.
    stance changes greatly with the longer iorns. If you hit right you may be
    to far up and left u to far back. bad teacher.

  • littletaterdumplin:

    So do you hit a hybrid and an iron with the same stance?

  • MellowMadnessRMX:

    instead of centering myself around the ball.. i tend to line up the ball
    with my left leg…it’s a weird stance.. but works for me. /shrugs

  • forrealdog2:

    He means the bottom of the club instead of the leading edge of the club…
    he obviously knows that the club strikes the ball first and assumes that
    you know that too… look at his divots in front of the ball ..

  • BulletTheory05:

    Can someone tell me what he means by ‘keeping your hands quiet’? I’m new to
    golf you see, so trying to learn as much as possible. Thanks

  • Thorovain:

    We call them “pelts”

  • Oliver Roders:

    Brilliant technique!

  • improveurgolfswing:

    I really like the simplicity of his teachings so many golfers have problems
    hitting their irons properly