Golf Swing Plane Drill – The 15 Minute Swing

A 15 minute workout for a consistent on plane golf swing. Very easy, very simple, yet very very effective. Train your body to make a consistent on plane golf…
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25 Responses to “Golf Swing Plane Drill – The 15 Minute Swing”

  • Rene Samora:

    Great video. I’m going to give you credit when I win the U.S Open.

  • pistolllpete:

    Thank you for helping me realize that my swing plane could be helped by a
    good shoulder turn. My golf game has greatly improved 

  • Anthony Campagna:

    Two plane swing well defined. Thank you.

  • pganewman:

    Sure you could if you wanted too. But the swing plane is a little steeper
    with the shorter irons, and a little flatter with the long clubs. So if you
    wanted to practice the full range of swings, then you could mark the pole.

  • leon Berkowitz:

    Great drill to create flexibility. But can I ask you a question, doesn’t
    the length of the shaft dictate how steep or shallow you tun your
    shoulders? You turn 90 degrees to your spine angle, now your spine angle is
    set comparative to the club you are using. The point I am trying to make is
    why do you have to mark off different lengths on the pole. Can you not just
    use a club or a broom just to practice your turn as well as increase your

  • Justin Reilly:

    Hey so during my backswing, my left leg ways collapses inwards (I’m a
    righty) and causes me to lean forward and hit inconsistently. When doing
    this exercise, should I try to keep my left leg from doing that? Thank you

  • Rikki Mortel:

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    Google Fat Blast Formula right away.

  • burgman50:

    Scott, I was in a bad spot with my golf game, from a 7 handicap, rising
    steadily to a 13, only breaking 90 once this year in 6 rounds. I found your
    drill and it instantly improved my swing. I am now excited about playing
    again and achieving low scores, last round, I had a back 9 of 39. Thanks
    for the video!

  • William Henry:

    I really like the drill. I practice it all the time but I found that the
    people in the movie theater didn’t seem to appreciate it very much…I
    guess most movie goers aren’t golf fans???

  • pganewman:

    And……How did it get on? Good I hope.

  • Ricky Parker:

    I love this drill!

  • Sean Vergara:

    Great video!

  • 肇 木本:

    Your exercise is great!! I feel that it became good not for a shot but for
    an approach shot. The best score was experienced last week. And big harvest
    :::: My waist became slim & bowels also good. Thank you from Japan.

  • Howard Lazzarini:

    Sorry, but what are you using for the pole? Is it just plumbing pipe?

  • pganewman:

    Well, during the excercise I turn the shoulders first. I have been doing
    this for a few years, I wasn’t as flexible when I first started either. I
    suggest doing it everyday for a while, and then you can just do it a couple
    times a week to maintain it. I’m teaching alot, so I probably do it more
    than the average person would. But it doesn’t take very long to get some
    noticable flexibilty improvement. Let me know how it goes…..

  • pganewman:

    you bet, good luck with your game!!!!!

  • kaka_romeo:

    u hav nailed the problem….i’ve seen so many videos but you hav given d
    exact explanation.

  • bonanzamine:

    This is an excellent drill. It let me realize that I have problem with my
    shoulder turning during the golf swing. I am trying to fix it with this
    drill. Thank you so much for the lesson.

  • Mary Goulet:

    Great exercise – helps build muscle memory for proper technique on the
    course. Thanks Scott!

  • Thenorthenders:

    great tip ,off out to try it now. I will let you know how i got on

  • christy mack:

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    Blueprint. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  • jcdarts878:

    Really good drill. Going do this for one month and really work on my plane.
    My bad habit has been coming on the inside on backswing and on the outside
    on the downswing but I have overcompensated so now my backswing and follow
    through are both outside the line. Just did for day one with hybrid at home
    and could feel the difference. Muscle memory is starting. I’ll check back
    in over the next 30 days.

  • dabogeygolfer:

    Hi Scott: I’ve watched thousands of videos and read dozens of books, but
    this video is the best I’ve EVER seen. Simply outstanding! Thanks much!

  • joelb9219:


  • wfharty3:

    great tip, well done