Golf Swing Made Simple!

Golf swing made simple with Meandmygolf Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman

25 Responses to “Golf Swing Made Simple!”

  • Bernard Sheridan:

    Good video. What program did you use to add the graphics?

  • fradaja:

    i’m in a wheelchair,,,,,,,, any tips? 

  • Garciamrcool:

    What a couple of doughnuts

  • Dan Osper:

    Great video. Just what a mate of mine needs to see. real fundamental stuff
    but, as you said, people do it wrong for years. Not to mention, there is so
    much more power in the rotation. The tennis racket is getting dusted off
    this arvo! Cheers lads!!

  • Shane Leslie:

    I dont know what to call my swing but its somewhere between what u guys say
    is a common beginners style to a proper style. I really enjoy how u guys
    broke the open to close face down and now next time i goto the range im
    going to incorporate that before hitting balls just get the body memory
    down and I’ll try the 20 yard drive

  • mthornbury89:

    0:21…. “Fundermentals”….ha

  • douglas o'keeffe:

    Well done.

  • Chaz Gray:

    That practice drill is massively useful and really breaks it down to
    understand what is actually important. Big thumbs up!

  • Neil Manning:

    Helped a lot thanks.

  • Nicholas Whiteley:

    What course are you guys at?

  • 0Mellennium0:

    Whats up with my golf swing? 

  • James Doherty:

    Nice instruction.

  • Gary Scott Wishart:

    thanks guys this was really helpful.

  • dhongthong auefaur:


  • Michael Johnson:

    this is what ive been looking for

  • dev1lsadv0cate:


  • Robert Hooles:

    Have been playing for a number of years now but it is always a good thing
    to revisit the basics of the game and check we haven’t changed from what we
    need to be doing. Thanks guys.

  • David Cullen:

    Loved this video. I’ve been playing golf for 25 years. I was briefly down
    to 5 handicap, but now up to 9. Through all these years I have never had
    proper clarity about the fact that it is DEFINITELY an arc and the face
    DEFINITELY opens and closes.

  • Alexander Muller:

    I already watched like a hundred golf videos and some drills helped me to
    hit a few good shots, but this video is the first one that really(!)
    improved my swing drastically! Instead of doing different drills for
    different problems I started to do those short swings from 9 to 3 o’clock.
    It’s ridiculous how far the ball already goes when hitting it super clean
    with those short shots. Then I slowly started to do longer swings, but only
    in small steps so it still feels comfortable. I’m now swinging my irons
    back so far that the club points to the sky. The backswing felt ultra short
    in the beginning, but I’m hitting not only straighter, but further, because
    the contact is much better. Just wanted to share that.

  • CoughingPig:

    Jamie Sadlowdski hits a putter off the tee 280 yds, any comments ??

  • Javier Vazquez:

    thanks for the video!

  • Golficity:

    Excellent tips. Well done!

  • Hung Do:

    golf lessons

  • Dun Zhao:

    Great video, production is also professional.

  • matt shearer:

    Hi guys, I’m 24 and fairly new to golf, been trying out a few tips and
    techniques the last few days and had a friend video in slow motion. Have a
    look on my channel and let me know what you think, any pointers appreciated
    (these videos being taken at the end of a practice session, pretty tired
    and using my hips/back quite a bit)