Golf Swing Lesson: Weight Shift (Transfer) Made Easy (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor) Click the link above to watch the full “Weight Shift Video” for FREE!!! Golf Swi…

18 Responses to “Golf Swing Lesson: Weight Shift (Transfer) Made Easy (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor)”

  • Ben Bonarigo:

    What bunk! The thoracic to lumbar spine contains a kyphotic to lordotic
    curve and this is absolutely impossible to rotate on a linear axis. The
    entire presentation is based on ridiculous premises that do not exist in
    the movement of the human body.

  • vmarc7:

    I never see any golfers (good or bad) doing all these whacky movements that
    these guys claim everyone does.

  • HeidisBrother:

    Nobody is teaching to keep ALL your weight on your left side. There is
    soooo much wasted time and mindless talking in this video before actually
    getting to anything solid!!! I like what you guys are teaching but these
    videos just move sooo slow and then sometimes provide no drills or anything
    unless you follow a link. Giving up on this channel.

  • dswnjp:

    I think you take your iron too far back on your backswing (I do the same
    thing), but otherwise, great video.

  • Golf Instruction:

    Sorry for the confusion Wesley. You can watch the video I attached for free
    when you sign up for your free membership. You receive 25 full videos, plus
    you get to watch all of the full premium videos for free each week for one
    day. All of this is completely free and you will never be charged a penny.
    If you decide to sign up for a premium membership, you will receive swing
    reviews and access to all of the videos, but there is no obligation at all.
    Good luck with your game Wesley! ~Clay Ballard

  • Wesley Bomar:

    Thanks for wasting my time. You claim to have a you tube video to help and
    all you are doing is selling your video. This is nothing more then a cheap
    come on advertisement. I am sure like other searching i have done when you
    get to the video no doubt you need to sign up or by videos of yours.

  • KMAN10694:

    he was talking about the system, and he said you want to transfer the right
    (goes directly against the stack and tilt system). Three of the best ball
    strikers in the world keep their weight on the left leg during the
    backswing(woods, mahan, rose)

  • Scott Yessner:

    Clay. I really enjoy your videos. Very helpful I recently took an online
    lesson with chuck. I was wondering what wireless microphone and camcorder
    you are using?

  • Golf Instruction:

    cont… If you perform stack and tilt correctly you will not fall to the
    right they way I demonstrate in the error in this video, but you must tilt
    the spine to the right in the downswing using that method to shallow out
    the swing plane. I have nothing against the S&T swing other than the fact I
    don’t feel it is the most efficient way to swing the golf club and you will
    give up yardage from your potential (my opinion based on movements of the
    body). ~Clay Ballard

  • Golf Instruction:

    Thanks, I am glad you are liking the videos. I use a Canon 7d and a
    Seinheiser Wireless mic. ~Clay

  • Golf Instruction:

    I have gotten off on a bit of a tangent. In reality it isn’t about
    individual players or a certain system over another system. It is all about
    how the body can move and physics. In order to achieve the most controlled
    power, their must be a weight shift. Same for any sport where you hit a
    ball with a stick, or any throwing motion in general. It has to do with
    properly loading the muscles of the lower body and transferring energy
    through the kinetic chain. (cont.)

  • brad stecklein:

    thanks for your reply and good luck to you as well, sir.

  • KMAN10694:

    Ok this video maybe meaning full to some people, but when you describe the
    stack and tilt style swing you have no clue what you are talking about.
    Please get to know the stack and tilt system and then make a new video!!!

  • Golf Instruction:

    (cont.) If you keep your weight left in the backswing, it becomes easy fall
    to the right in the downswing, just as thousands of people with a reverse
    pivot do. Once you load onto the right, it will be easy to shift to the
    left in the downswing. For example, try jumping to the left without first
    shifting your weight to the right and pushing off the right foot. Good luck
    with your golf game, whichever method you choose in the future! ~Clay

  • brad stecklein:

    S&T isn’t a cure-all for everyone but neither is your ‘system.’ loading the
    front side in the backswing isn’t any less efficient than making a move to
    the right glute, which severely alters the low point in the golf swing.
    both ways work for different people! some folks do not have the athleticism
    to move off the ball and back to the ball, thus we are seeing instructors
    all over teach ‘stable axis’ type swings. Who has lost distance with S&T?

  • Golf Instruction:

    I was referring to stack and tilt, but it is much different than what you
    see Woods, Mahan, and Rose doing with Foley. Tiger doesn’t stay centered by
    and stretch of the imagination. He fully loads to the right side. Mahan and
    Rose both stay more centered in the backswing, but don’t get the negative
    spine angle at the top that you would with stack and tilt. This means they
    don’t have to tilt to the right in the downswing (this is the tilt in
    “stack and tilt”). cont… ~Clay Ballard