Golf Swing Help: Role of the Right Arm

Do you hit blocks and pushes? If yes, then your probably guilty of allowing the right elbow to get to far behind you at the top of the golf swing. Check out …
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13 Responses to “Golf Swing Help: Role of the Right Arm”

  • amanda lambert:

    This has to be one of the most misunderstood and glossed over parts of the
    golf swing, and you have continued the tradition. You are not simply
    hinging your wrists, you are also rotating your forearms in some way, other
    wise the club would hit you in the forehead. Please spend a bit more time
    with this and don’t assume everyone just does this naturally. 

  • Cj Goecks:

    Golf Swing: Role of the Right Arm
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    to improve your game even more!

  • Rob Atkinson:

    very good tip,but what the hell is the end all about??theirs no need to
    have it in here.

  • cjness54321:

    great tip CJ..tnx

  • Wavestrike Electronics:

    This video was like a root canal at the end.

  • Haygann KingsofCowan:

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    you just have to. lucky cowan @luckycowan PSA evrybody loves jasmyn and the
    flying meyrtles

  • pendo8881:

    This tip has worked very well. I watched it last night , tried it today. I
    found myself more in balance as well. Thanks very much, a real solution.

  • Silvertechnique:

    Great tip. I’ve been looking for a clear explanation for my right arm for
    awhile now and I’ve finally found it. Thanks!

  • cms123tube:

    Practicing in the yard yesterday I started keeping my right elbow into my
    hip and was feeling more control and power. This video explained it. Cool!

  • Cj Egles:

    It’s late at night here, and that old man said “Hi CJ” and my name is CJ.
    That scared the fuck out of me.

  • ruzaidakamal97:

    Hi,thks CJ,i bought yr full video..How to break 80..its fantastic
    video..But everything needs practice n practice..Best the best forget the

  • ptr727:

    Wow my friend I just stumbled onto this short clip about the right elbow
    and it is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s like this video was made
    just for me. All the lessons I’ve taken and NOBODY told me how the wrist
    hinge early in the backswing was affecting my flying right elbow. It
    totally maked sense and I can’t wait to work on it at the range…thanks


    God i swear if i got a lesson from this man i would be on tour. Keeping the
    club out in front is my ISSUE and ONLY ISSUE. im a 6 hdi with this what if
    i fixed it -__-