Golf Swing For BIG Golfers: Craig Stadler Analysis Click the link above to watch the full “4 Square Drill” video for FREE!!! Golf Swing For BIG…
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6 Responses to “Golf Swing For BIG Golfers: Craig Stadler Analysis”

  • Scott Johnson:

    Awesome video!!! Just what I needed

  • bear Smoker:

    so how do you swing if your not built like Tiger or Matt?????

  • Silverheartsmusic:

    Hi Clay. At 275 lbs, I am a big golfer but average height. I have wide
    meaty shoulders. If you see my swing at /watch?v=wpENfhdhRxs my left
    shoulder turns my head to the right. I have always had a problem with
    swaying in my take away (although at impact my head is same as at address).
    Today I tried your more upright swing – I feel less restricted. Have to put
    a little more weight toward my toes. I would like to progress in this.
    ..if I can reduce the swaying. Thanks, Bob

  • Scott Johnson:

    Yeah, I’m built exactly like Craig, have a very very flat and round swing
    and hit a lot of blocks and block fades. Happy to try and get the club up
    and vertical and keep it in front!

  • Chuck Quinton:
  • 1 Step to Better Golf: