Golf Swing – Driving Tip

PGA Professional Andy Proudman shows a simple driver set up drill to help your driving accuracy…

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41 Responses to “Golf Swing – Driving Tip”

  • Jeffrey Daitz:


  • Meandmygolf:

    Great, glad this helped and thanks for watching.

  • Meandmygolf:

    No problem Logan. Hope it helps!

  • Patrick Kaa:

    Great video, makes sense will try this tomorrow

  • briwall1:

    Nice one

  • darceymaragh:

    Looking forward to trying this out. Off to the range now. Cheers

  • Jaspal Virdee:

    it personally helped me a lot … thanks a lot for this drill/tip 🙂

  • Jason Munro:

    I keep slicing my drives hope this tip works

  • Logan Horton:

    Thank you so much

  • Daniel Youngshin Kim:

    Good Tip!

  • Richard Wainwright:

    I did that and it worked!! And when the ball was in the middle of my stance
    I kept topping the ball and slicing it

  • molimorgus:

    I tried this today at the range and I was surprised at how well I hit the
    ball. Everything went straight with good distance.

  • Meandmygolf:

    This will help but you will probably need to look at your swing plane also.

  • Meandmygolf:

    Great. let us know how you get on. Thanks

  • sean odea:

    Nice good ides

  • calum ryan:

    Don’t worry, we’ll just use our imaginations to see you actually take a

  • Popy Suthiwan:

    Nice tip! I’ve been doing the same thing lately after realizing how bad my
    alignment was… This routine reminds me of the same concept when
    bowling… to aim at the leading arrows on the floor. Thanks for the vid!

  • Faizal Faiz:

    thats a big drive man

  • DIO DISCIPLE 1972:

    Buddy Holly lives…

  • miracletouch:

    I found this to be the best advice for alignment: search Youtube for “Steve
    Bann Alignment Drill”

  • Joseph Collins-Woolcock:

    Hey Mark, I’m a 15 year-old from Down Under and I’ve been told off several
    times for having a narrow stance, without really being told why. This has
    always felt comfortable for me but now I don’t know whether to attribute my
    natural fade to my foot position or my swing! Having watched many of your
    videos, I have noticed that you have a rather narrow stance; is this just
    personal preference or were you taught this way? Would a wider stance help
    me hit a draw? Cheers.

  • Justin J:

    love your vids man!!!

  • stuart gardiner:

    You are great Mark I’ve watched nearly every one of your videos and they
    are brilliant thanks a lot for all your tips!!! 🙂

  • nettingapplause:

    Mark, Could you possibly do a video on how we should approach our setup
    when using offset irons? For example, are we supposed to setup with our
    hands in front of the ball or do we square the club up(open the face).
    Thank You.

  • Tyler Morgan:

    Mark, could you do another video on wedges and bounce using a couple
    different wedges with different bounces? Just showing what you can and
    can’t do with each club? For example, can you sweep with a certain bounce
    or do you have to increase your attack angle. Thanks mark! Great videos!

  • Phil:

    excellent I struggle with direction so this will be tried next time round

  • Anthony C:

    Are you using an immediate target because you don’t have one in the
    distance or do you always use an immediate target ?

  • Q Whit:

    You’re not allowed to place anything to align your shot. However there’s
    nothing to stop you sticking your tee in so that, for example, a divot
    happens to be on your target line. If you’re in a bunker and can’t see the
    pin, you can have a caddy show you the line but when you take your shot,
    he’s got to be out of the way. There’s quite a few girls on the LPGA that
    have their caddies confirm their feet are aligned before they take their
    shot but they must move away when the shot is taken.

  • Natty Draper:

    Steve hamer teaches me at euxton!!

  • petecabrina:

    For every shot I hit, sometimes even putting, I will use my club and
    connect it from the lie of the ball into the direction where I want to hit,
    say from the ball to the flag for a mid/short iron into the green, then use
    this line to aim and get my stance right. There is always some variation in
    the ground along this aim line to use as a guide. I am surprised I do not
    see more people doing this, do not know how people can just step up using
    eye sight alone; guess with experience its easier.

  • Adam Huckeby:

    Mark just wondering how your experiment with the more “game improvement”
    type irons is going compared to the MP64’s you were gaming before.

  • Neil Jones:

    Great tip Mark and ive been doing this for a number of years now because I
    have a bit of a fade due to an out to in swing path. I find that by putting
    my tee approx 1 foot behind a divot on the tee it helps me to square up and
    bring the club through on the correct path.

  • theMANxGOLFER:

    Picking a divot to tee behind is a must on every tee box for me. I noticed
    late last season a tendency to address the club down the target line, but
    stand a little closed. I’ve tried addressing the ball with my feet together
    then setting up and it works okay, but I’d like to get some feedback on
    other ways to get feet, shoulders and knees parallel to target. I found
    practicing with alignment rods was a good start, but something I can use on
    the course it what I’m after.

  • Phillip Berggren:

    Hey Mark. Great vids:) I was wondering if you could make a video about club
    path vs. swing direction? I haven’t heard you talk about this before. My
    couches in Norway say I need to aim left on shots with downward attack
    angle and right on a positive attack angle OR aim at the target and change
    swing direction to square out the path. My question is how much do I need
    to aim left/right?

  • Bogey Golf:

    Me and mate have made a channel.and we are off scratch and we are doing
    videos like what mark.does please like and watch our videos thanks

  • ABshookme:

    I’m glad that I’m not having a son that look like yours…

  • Ollie Morton:

    What is on your driver?

  • TeamLockDownMLG:

    Id recommend using this for putting as well. I have used this tip tee to
    green for a long time now and its helped my whole game overall. I have
    always been a fairly strong ball striker but my aim was always hurting me
    and making me do almost impossible scrambling shots around the green to
    save par. Using this in putting will help more then you think for alignment

  • pez555:

    absolutely no way

  • Eval Hell:

    I do pretty much the same thing, pick a spot and use that to aim. I do the
    same with long putts too.

  • A Simon:

    Mark, in order to get the most out of your driver, everyone is told ball in
    the front of your stance, head behind the ball, and swing up. However in
    your videos you don’t do that, but still hit it fantastically! Why is that?
    Thanks! -Golfer hoping to get better with driver