Golf Pitching: 30-100 Yards Demands a Solid Technique

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Golf Tips- Jim McLean Impact Lesson “Learn everything about Jim McLean’s Step 6 in the golf swing. Impact is the most important position in the golf swing.
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49 Responses to “Golf Pitching: 30-100 Yards Demands a Solid Technique”

  • EverydayGolfCoach:

    Hi Terry. Thanks for the call for Andriod version; always good to get
    feedback. It is on it’s way but it is a lot more expensive that one would
    think. A whole new set of coding as I understand. Also, the Andriod market
    is shown, historically, to be less popular with app users. I think this is
    changing and time I looked at this development.

  • EverydayGolfCoach:

    Thanks Eric. We use an ex BBC camera team with 3 cameras shooting the
    angles plus a ‘phantom’ camera for the slo mo.

  • EverydayGolfCoach:

    Hi Jancen. The 5 to 10 yard shots I would classify as a chipping action,
    even if they are higher shots. There is a ‘chipping with your wedges video’
    on my YT Channel and another 8 chipping videos on the Everyday Golf Coach
    app. Good luck.

  • EverydayGolfCoach:

    Thanks guys. You are dead right about the acceleration (1:25-1:34) It must
    be with the body motion before arms. If the body “stalls’ and the arms take
    over then striking becomes really messy. Keep a committed body motion
    through to the finish. Thanks for watching.

  • Tim Rogers:

    Excellent video…thank you!
    Wish I could take the practice swings to the range, but a bulging L4-L5
    disc has me out until spring time. 

  • declan cummins:

    great stuff, not just that easy, what is the real secret ?.

  • tsavavaa:

    So, basically it’s a loose/medium swing with a type of wedge club? Because
    that’s what it looks like.

  • golfalot1:

    Excellent lesson. If you really put in the time, you can get excellent at
    these shots. 3 years ago I put 5 wedges (PW, Gap, SW, 60*, 64*) in the bag.
    I’m not a big hitter; a huge drive for me is 250 yards. My index is down to
    7.4 because of those wedges. You should be practicing 10 wedge shots for
    every driver you hit on the range. 

  • Luis Maria Ruggero:

    Exelente me sirve mucho en mi juego gracias

  • Valley International Country Club:

    Golf Tip of the Day!

  • Terry Ganus:

    I second the call for an Android App… Should not be that much of an issue
    to port it. Why not have an app on the most popular phone OS out there?
    Great video and instruction, well done mate!

  • Eric Walsh:

    Great advice. Also, Kudos on the proper video production. Seems rare to
    find a golf tutorial with a great picture and sound as well.

  • Kim Walsh:

    your are an excellent communicator. 

  • Jasmine xo:

    This is where i struggle the most 70 yards and in :(

  • Jeff Jeffery:

    When are you doing the app for Android? I retired my iPod Touch for apps
    years ago (or rather, Apple retired it for me!)

  • An other:

    Feel the ball to the hole – Moe Norman. The only advice I ever needed.

  • lifeson241:

    Love this type of shot

  • Jancen:

    great video! I struggle with very short pitch shots like 5 to 10 yards.
    How do you make this kind of shots?

  • remmy100:

    Good stuff.

  • brfjamaica:

    1:25 to 1:34 SOOOOOOOO TRUE! That’s the best point of the entire video.
    Great stuff!

  • Mark VanTress:

    Great detail. Thank you!

  • Mia Vonni:

    Awesome vid thanks!

  • supergolfdude:

    Acceleration is key. Good stuff.

  • FairwayJack:

    2:53 perfect impact sound…no clank here !!

  • Ben Bonarigo:

    Good promotional. Ain’t nuclear physics.

  • gswdaniel:

    I am impressed with you, i’ve been trying to learn for years… And found
    you online last week.. I all can say is that I probably learn more from you
    that anyone else. You explain everything so nicely if people don’t get it
    from you they need to change sports.keep the videos coming… They’ll be
    online for generations. Thank you so much.

  • SuperPhiliptang:
  • NikHubbardGolf:

    Check out what’s in my bag for 2014 on my channel!

  • a phillips:

    Jim will do anything necessary to improve your golf swing. If it means
    sleeping with your wife then, dammit, that’s what he’ll do. 😉 

  • Re Golfklubb Treningsgrupper:

    Golf Tips- Jim McLean Impact Lesson

  • Jasgobind Virk:

    Fantastic lesson …

  • Paul Pak:

    Very helpful lesson.

  • HarD7iMeR:

    thank you so much

  • Josey Reinhardt:

    Most help I’ve seen in any video!

  • farleygranger:

    well…if you look on line @ jims golf school and want to get in jims
    class, it’s about 7 grand…(3 days)

  • Thesby Tolbert:

    a great teacher!i bet his prices are in the hundreds!

  • dinorell:

    Excellent at the 7 min mark. Perfect visualization of the iron strike. I
    sure like your demeanor compared to the Golf fix dude.

  • Azaan Mbita:

    one of the best lesson explaining the proper position at impact….

  • gaggleofbombers:

    The hands may, at the option of the player, be placed forward at address in
    the intended impact position. Worked for Nicklaus.

  • warren gray:

    The Pros PRO. Maybe cant beat Tiger these days but could sure teach him
    some things. Clear, succinct. and precise instruction and demonstration-
    the Hallmark of of a successful golf swing coach. This comment is from a
    fellow PGA member.

  • Charles Calhoun:

    Mr Mclean, when you said the hands do not return to the position they were
    at address..with all do respect to you…maybe they do return to their
    address position but only in relation to the body..look at min 3:48 at
    address the hands are just inside the left thigh and at impact they are
    still aligned somewhat towards the inside left thigh, only difference the
    body has shifted and rotated..this is so over look at impact… What do you
    think?…Thank you Charles Calhoun THE SHADE TREE PRO.

  • Larry Mowry:

    Exceptional lesson Jim. The absolute best video I’ve seen in years. Mowry

  • stephenleemichaels:

    This is instruction for pros. This ain’t gonna help your average 18

  • Joe Blow:

    Damn, I need to get rich so I can go take lessons from Jim.

  • Dave Yttri:

    Thank You ! This should be a big help.

  • justjames1111:

    I really like the way you keep your head so steady until well after impact
    Jim, it’s a problem I have in that I struggle to keep from looking up
    especially, do you have any advice to help me. Regards James

  • Trillium Sellers Rose:

    This is a great display of why Jim McLean is where he is… he understands
    the golf swing and can explain it.

  • Toby Clowes:

    Let’s talk about… Sounds like Butch (gay) Harmon The difference is this
    guy has something to say rather than being a yes man plageriser

  • Alfie Lontoc: