Golf MK2 vs Supercharged Ariel Atom @ DN10 Nurburgring with Dale driving the Atom.

Dale driving the Atom asked me to follow to get some chase footage. I tried to oblige 🙂 Created and uploaded using RaceRender 3.0.8.

Available on iTunes. Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, & Hunter Mahan have formed the PGA’s exclusive boy band . . . “Golf Boys”. Here’s a look behind the scenes. Ty Andre plays “Andre”…
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50 Responses to “Golf MK2 vs Supercharged Ariel Atom @ DN10 Nurburgring with Dale driving the Atom.”

  • Marryo Bakotin:

    Golf MK2 looks great here!Great car!

  • Serge Lachapelle:

    Awesome skills both driving and building this car. It was worth draining my
    data plan to watch this! 

  • Roffel Swagman:

    HAHAHA in the biggest magazine in Sweden “Aftonbladet” this video was
    published as “The rickety Golf who crushes million dollar supercars on the
    track” sort of.. First of all in these kind of public events it’s more ment
    to have a great time and take your car out to a the track and push it
    harder than usually and not so much racing against eachother as there are
    so many cars on the track it kind of ruining the racing between 2 or more

    Head to head these supersports/supercars would laugh with their greater
    aerodynamics, handling, power, acceleration and topspeeds. The Golf may be
    a beast wich is cool and all but seriously able to compete with those
    brands if they really raced? I don’t think so.. But i’ve seen similar
    things happen so it’s possible but i would like to see some real racing
    with the Golf against an Ariel Atom, any Porsche 911 or Ferrari in the

  • Rafael Mestdag:

    What is the ‘power per ton’ of this Golf?

  • Gázser Márk:

    The car grips nicely, looked like it’s much more stable than the Atom! What
    suspenison/wheels/tires are you running? Lovely video, went straight to my
    favourites :)

  • mondoudou:

    Those 997 (gt3 and cup) just disappeared..

  • DarthYuji:

    pff,Golf2 on Nurburgring who use Mph -_-

  • derry jones:

    Those 911’s shure where brake checking a lot…….. nice to see real car
    guys enjoying there hard work…….. I was smiling more than they
    were,….. It’s hard to make a sporty car into a giant monster killing….
    ass kicking ego shredding machine. Good job!

  • alexander gustafsson:

    the golf have horsepower. but the aerodynamic is not good enough for
    competing with supercars like ferrari and porsche. nice try. but 2 porsches
    drive faster than golf in video. but aftonbladet is a bluff magazine.

  • TIvanMaia:

    Is that a VBox Mini to collect the data? Where to get one?

  • Martin Haba:

    Beautiful driving. Absolutely love it!
    Nice setup of your mkII.
    Keep up the good work mate and looking forward to your July edition 😉 

  • aran large:

    Hi Nigel , fantastic video and driving, could you tell me how you got the
    psi gauge to show up?

    I datalogged my nurburgring trip last year with msdroid and then used race
    render on the PC to sync the data, the one thing I couldn’t find was how to
    display boost pressure as psi like you have in this video.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • Smokin07ram:

    It isn’t the car…Clearly the Golf driver has a huge amount of time on the
    track and in the car
    The Atom driver was having real issues controlling the car….I suspect he
    had almost no track time in the car. He has big stones I will give him
    that! I also doubt the Atom is set up for the Ring. None of the other
    “super car” owners were drivers…A blind man could see that.

  • FlyingSurprise:

    This was simply beautiful! A Golf Mk II overtaking Porches like that. :-)

  • Adam GAMER:

    I love this video. Very nice driving Mr. Pinder, your knowledge of the ring
    and your vehicle is impressive. I can hear your Golf touching it’s
    performance envelope in a couple of those corners it seems, killer track
    day driving. Saw this on Bridge to Gantry and had to come see what it was
    all about.

    I wonder, how much of a difference is there with two people in the cockpit
    as opposed to one? 

  • Telgas016:

    nice it’s the ariel from the Bridge To Gantry video !

  • Israel Boakes:

    And the white Porche was never seen again.. :0

  • Humle:

    Imagine if this was real life and not just i a game

  • drazen gt:

    crash bandicot

  • NLRevZ:

    What on earth are you running on the suspension and tires part of the car?

  • naboavida:

    Amazing driving! Too bad for the traffic.


    This car is awesome. Imagine the face on the dude in the F430 when he or
    she got overtaken by two porsches then a Golf. Also lol @ the guy in the
    rented GT86 overtaking that BMW

  • Jaye Foster:

    What is in this thing? I have a mk2 and I’m blown away by this.

  • est naiviv:

    Awesome skills both driving and building this car. It was worth draining my
    data plan to watch this! 

  • Κώστας Καμζέλας:

    WTF is in that golf? besides the driver (kudos for the skills), i dont i
    have seen a golf go so fast and be so steady on the road before.

  • Jakub Kiška:

    the Best :-D

  • Highlandcoffee1:

    Whoever autotuned the final version deserves an award – for services to
    human eardrums !!!
    Great fun – great golfers and all very nice peeps . And I am writing this
    in the now – from the middle of the now !

  • gabrielle Haycock:


  • George Costanza:

    Can someone show up on time

  • Mitch Allen:

    they’re actually hilarious lol I gained a lot more respect for these fellas

  • duchessedepeluches:

    Rickie is definitely in The Now as I write this….. August 10, 2014. In
    the lead at the PGA.

  • John Lee:

    who is that French coach guy? lol

  • Dan Aguilar:

    Amazing, fun guys. Must be having a great time out there on tour, 

  • willie smith:

    06:35 lol that was funny

  • Lena Lahr:


  • Jonathon Chun:

    “Everybody’s inside the box, and we’re outside of it just dancing around
    and singing” hahahah bubba is great. Hope he gets his second green jacket
    this weekend!!

  • gabrielle Haycock:


  • Andrew Bennett:

    Bubba just won the 2014 Masters

  • jason alexander:

    John Lennon!

  • James Taylor:

    You guys really surprised me and are doing a great thing, good luck today

  • Jordan Austin:

    Rickie is my favorite 

  • Perri31:

    Sorry I’m late, I …

  • Bryce Buxton:

    hahaha they are great at golf but terrible singers love it

  • andrewjsteltz:

    Mahan is so funny in the beginning hahahahha

  • Al Evans:


  • jreeser21:

    there should be way more views than 500k we need to fix that somehow. This
    needs to be on ESPN GOLF CHANNEL NETWORK

  • MyShowbizName:

    I never knew golfers had personalities. This is brilliant!

  • chubbyMcfatso5:

    omg. thank you for making my day!!

  • David Mabry:

    how could you dislike this or they’re video for charity! get some

  • abrown97:

    Bubba’s a cool dude but this is just terrible and not funny. It has nothing
    to do with people taking themselves too seriously and everything to do with
    this just being lousy comedy that’s enjoyed by idiots.