Golf Mental Game Tips

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Ladies Golf Tips: Golf Swing Faults & How To Correct Them If you are not driving the ball well, or have lost the power behind your swing, the fault may be in your hips! Check out this video …

38 Responses to “Golf Mental Game Tips”

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Golf metal tips with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

  • justpar2012:

    Thanks Mark for the tips. How do you handle hitting from the fairway to a
    green that doesn’t “fit your eye”? Sometimes the green is long/oblong and
    hard to line up the shot.

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Improve your golf mental game with Mark Crossfield

  • Mark Crossfield:

    mind games golf lesson stop working and think golf.

  • whoppersk:

    I wish I done this at the weekend. lol

  • Myslenskez:

    How do I handle a water hazard? I go swimming.

  • Kenneth Lee:

    Tks Mark. Easier said than done. How do I effectively block out all the
    previous bad memories of the balls falling into the water even when I have
    more than enough club to carry the water? I’ve tried everything but I’m
    blessed with a good memory! LOL.

  • Peter Wiltshire:

    What are you talking about you purile, narcissistic, troll? BTW your swing
    is shit. Great video Mark !

  • StankPunatra:

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but I also figured you hit the ball miles just
    because of your form and ball striking. Anyway, smart play to go 1 extra
    club, anything less could’ve been a bogey.

  • Chris Featonby:

    Hi Mark, great videos. Could you maybe talk about stretches or exercises
    for increasing golf specific flexiblity?

  • Nic Rep:

    How about doing an in the bag for gorilla james?

  • Ian Blackburn:

    Loving the course management vids. More please. Especially when you miss
    greens and have to recover with a pitch, chip or bunker shot. A myriad of
    different options and clubs to use around the green…I mean Donald used a
    driver from just off the green in the masters. I get confused on what to
    use not use around the green and think I throw a lot of shots away from bad
    decision/execution from within 50 yds… Help needed please, thanks.

  • rowan:

    Lets get stucket?

  • coojofresh:

    I am thinking about the swing, the wind, the club selection, getting a hole
    in one, etc.

  • BumpinBrass:

    I’m thinking this is gonna suck.

  • Vetrlz07:

    Good advice to club-up on a shot like this. It’s strange, but I find that a
    shot like this, or having to get under a tree limb, or one that has to be
    shaped one way or the other to get around an obstacle actually makes me
    concentrate and visualize even better. These seem to be when I hit my best
    shots. With a wide open shot and no trouble, I have a tendency to get lazy
    and undisciplined in my pre-shot routine, and that’s where I make most of
    my swing errors.


    Looks a lil cool over there so the ball doesn’t fly as far either. Love the
    vids Mark,respect from across the ditch.

  • Gwen Higdon:

    do you say lets get started at the beginning or what? sounds like you say
    lets get stuck in

  • darrenbyrne117:

    what water?

  • shane cole:

    how come you used a steel shaft u normally use a graffite shaft

  • Tom Fairweather:

    If you are so shit you can’t even hit it over some water you might as well
    not even worry about your mental game and go get a lesson

  • Matthew Wright:

    Erm, at my club the white tees are the furtherest back…

  • sr29:

    Very nice, love it!

  • Seistrup9:

    Hit the gym, Mark 😀

  • 9tube1:

    LOVE this course management video. Would enjoy seeing more on both Par 4s
    and Par 5s. This is the very first course management video I have ever
    seen. None of the golf magazines ever focus complete articles on course
    management, just little half page thoughts on avoiding one side or the
    other of a fairway. Duh. I’d love to hear your thoughts from tee to green
    on how you view different holes, what your strategy is off the tee as well
    as for approach shots. By the way, nice smooth 6-iron.

  • webtutoriais:


  • Seewitch2:

    I have a really bad swing problem. This video helped me figure out what I’m
    doing wrong. Thanks.

  • pug4417:

    Thank you kathy, i learn so much from ladies swing fundementals. Please
    keep it going. great video

  • Anthony McMahon:

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  • charliekinggolf:

    I’ll try this out! Be a master golfer!

  • TheColeManGrill:

    Haha women cant drive

  • Anthony McMahon:

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  • Anthony McMahon:

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  • Anthony McMahon:

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  • pug4417:

    love the term power leaks

  • nychick1988:

    i didnt even realise I was doing that until i watched this video. Thanks!

  • laxman shrestha:

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