Golf Lessons – Stop Topping Fairway Woods

Golf Lessons: How to Stop Topping Fairway Woods In this tip, I try to explain how to stop topping fairway woods. Everyone has come across this problem before…
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25 Responses to “Golf Lessons – Stop Topping Fairway Woods”

  • 97hclark:

    Thanks paul

  • Raul Eagle:

    Thank you Paul for this lesson. Your video fixed my problem of toping my
    fairwoods. I even won two times in my league tournaments. Muchas Gracias!

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    The weight shift is on all golf shots.

  • Multianti vitmanez:

    Always weight switch on ALL golfshots?

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Thanks Paul. I appreciate the support from you and everyone else.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    This is a skyed shot. Your head is ahead of the ball when you hit the ball.
    Just stay behind it. To do so, you can watch the back of the ball when you
    hit the ball.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    i think i have uphill and downhill on my other channel ignition golf. the
    club should not matter. you only have one swing regardless of which club
    you are hitting.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Glad you liked it. Thanks. You should be just brushing the grass. A tiny
    divot would be fine.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    I have over 400 on my Ignition Golf site.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    5:19 is the end of the video. Not sure what you are referring to. No matter
    how upright or flat the swing if the arms extend and you get the weight off
    the back foot the topped shots will disappear.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Thanks. It’s not the cards right now. I live in Vegas. Kind of hard to beat
    this place.

  • Eric Elmore:

    Paul, this made complete sense to me. Thank you for making it sound as
    simple as possible. I’m a 10 handicap that is AFRAID to use my 3 wood
    because I top it all over the place. I use a 2 hybrid instead. I have a
    question, though. Should I be taking a divot with a 3 wood? Its so hard to
    sweep it perfectly.

  • Steve Coz:

    Great stuff!

  • Kurt Heitman:

    Hit the best 3 wood of my life with this information. This guy is a guru.

  • TheLittleDonkey:

    your lessons have been amazing for me. I used to hit a drive about 180
    yards (before that it was an easy 220 and I looked at all kinds of videos
    to learn what I was doing wrong. Your driver tip made a world of difference
    and I got back to my “soft and gentle” swing that surprises others and got
    a new average in the last couple of weeks at 250 yards. The distance is
    nice, but the great thing is that the slice is gone and it goes
    dead-straight. I’m very happy about that.

  • Kevin Buckley:

    Paul, superb instruction as usual. Any chance of you moving to Dublin,

  • ron massey:

    Wanted to thank you for all the wonderful videos. I have learned a great
    deal from them. I am inspired when I watch your lessons and I greatly
    appreciate you sharing your extensive knowledge of this wonderful game.

  • etg1264:

    You make it easy to understand. Thanks Paul. Could you please cover using
    the 3 wood on downhill and uphill lies? Explaining what to expect and the
    necessary basic steps to ensure a promising shot / improvement. Thanks

  • Gabriel Henningson:

    Good tips. Easy to understand. =) No fuss. Great vids. =)

  • thelakersforlife:

    Appreciate the advice. I STRUGGLE with this big time

  • Paul Morabito:

    Thank you PW for another perfectly put lesson! If anyone is looking to find
    a guy to start watching all the time this is the guy. Ive watched all his
    vids and every one is great.

  • Sean Yi:

    finally a new video!

  • MrWm4yt:

    Hi Paul, Some great stuff there, I’m going to be trying that next time I’m
    out. I usually suffer from the opposite problem: I’ll often drive off with
    a 3-wood and Many times I will manage to get under a blue 3/4″ preset tee
    and the ball shoots up off the top edge which now has a lot of scratch
    marks on it. Your tip here suggests that my grip might be in front of the
    club face. Is Taft what is going on? MrWm4yt

  • Ball Striker:

    Great tip. But what if the golfer cannot get position 5:19 of your video
    with the right elbow glued to their right side? I think they will continue
    to top shots even with a smooth swing if their right elbow is extending
    into the ball.

  • maco1545:

    Great work Paul, really love your instruction style!