GOLF – HOW TO BOMB YOUR DRIVER PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of meandmygolf …
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25 Responses to “GOLF – HOW TO BOMB YOUR DRIVER”

  • Steve Evans:

    I sliced everything yesterday. Can u do a video about concentration, how to
    remember simple things before hitting the ball?

  • W. Jones:

    Great tip/drill guys!

  • petereuropa:

    I Always find something new in your videos that can improve my golf. Thaks

  • Tennessee-Tuxdeo:

    YOU GUYS ARE THE “BOMB!!” That’s exactly my problem and I was only able to
    it Identified by watching this lesson!! Thank you again for the zeal you
    have for teaching your fans!

  • Steve Evans:

    Nice one Kyle, very funny!

  • Craig Fletcher:

    this tip ( K ) is brill thx for giving me a reminder of it 

  • monkeybreeks jov:

    Great tip; my driver was all over the place – usually a massive hook comes
    in every 5 or 6 drives. This tip has helped me to stop a bit of a sway at
    address position. I have been doing this tip and swinging easier.

  • Ralph Caggiano:

    does it hurt or is it a good idea to set up in this reverse K for irons

  • Lachie McG Videos:

    Can you please do a video on correcting a push where my club path is way

  • Bulldog5995:

    thanks for those tips. I been struggling with my driver and this really

  • tonystark171:

    Actually, it’s important to have that on irons, drivers, and chip /
    pitches. Just tried it a couple times this season, but it helped most of
    all angle of attack.

  • colum cusack:

    love it..

  • Daniel Fernandez:

    lol. that intro.

  • Ian Blackburn:

    Tried it yesterday on the course and must have worked because I was
    launching the ball a lit higher than usual which was great to see. Will hit
    the range to play about with it. Thanks again. Get in on marks your travel
    jollies in Spain/Portugal for dry courses

  • Iain M:

    Great video guys. Do you use same set up with irons? 

  • Hadzwan Zulkefle:

    I’m gonna try this tomorrow. Thanks guys

  • Michael Green:

    I listen to all your video tutorials…. They make such sense and you make
    things simple and clear! I just came from the driving range and focused on
    the 3 parallel points and maintaining lag (using a couple of your
    drills)…..combined that with some more of your posture and weight shift
    guides, and I was getting clean, solid contact.

    Its been some months since i have been to the range, so i did notice that
    as I got tired, my grip (and lag) became harder to maintain and I reverted
    to slicing and high shots towards the end.

  • drmwm1:

    Excellent tip (as always)! One question please, what is ideal weight setup
    with the K position? If I address at 50-50, then K, I naturally feel a
    weight shift of about 60% to the right side (I am right handed). Thanks for
    your time and wisdom.

  • Jeffrey Daitz:

    Off to hit some K-Bombs! Be back with a full report. Thanks gents!

  • Colin Casey:

    Hey guys! I have a big problem, my swing is way to long so can you guys
    help me to shortened my swing? Would love your help :)

  • Andy Barton:

    Is not the guy’s right leg not remaining bent too?

  • Brock Dormer:

    Hi guys , I am From New Zealand and I play off a 8.9 Handicap. the one
    thing I need advice on is how to release tension in the muscles. I feel
    very tense when I swing as I cannot produce a full back swing. what
    exercises can I do to help me swing freely ? how can I reduce the tension
    in my muscles – mainly the upper back and shoulders. Heeeeelp?!?

  • dannyfr22:

    another great video guys. just a quick question… does this setup apply to
    all shots? or is it more exaggerated for the driver? cheers

  • Ken Klassy:

    Your beat video post