golf help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Question by gubbert: golf help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
im in these golf tournaments and ive been getting 2 ever time and closes to the hole. but there this one guy who keps beating me by 3 or 2 strokes im 14 and he is 16 is there any good stradagies to beat him

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Answer by ocho86
Hey golf enthusiast! I found this web site where you can find several articles on golf play improvement. And I’m sure this article will help you win that guy, enjoy! “EASILY BETTER YOUR GOLF SCORE AND SWING” on

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  • betotron don:

    learn to putt better
    drive the ball is for show
    putt for the dough

  • wbaker777:

    The only strategy is to improve your game. For most players that means you need to spend more time on your short game….from 100 yds in. more time putting so that you eliminate 3 putts and limit your 2 putts. do this and you could see as much as a 5-6 stroke drop in your average scores on 9 holes.

  • bradley m:

    Next time you play golf try this.. think only of the shot in front of you! stop thinking about your score or your Competition! your just trying to play the best game you can that day… relax and think about your first shot.. just put it in the fairway and don’t worry about hitting the crap out of it! the fairway is the road to your short-game and your chance to put the ball in the cup on every shot.. go play don’t think about score EVER! just one shot at a time! and yes practice your short game but for now also get your mind under Control and play one shot at a time the end result will be a great round! if you don’t feel comfortable standing over the ball with a certain club or you don’t feel your lined up correctly STOP (this is your MIND telling you something is not right),, back away re-set OR chose club or shot you can be comfortable with and go back into your pre-shot routine.. same around the green one shot at a time .. if you feel uncomfortable STOP and start over … each shot is important .but if you dont make it everything will be ok… your not going to make every put but you have a chance to put the ball in the hole a lot of times in a round of golf.. learn to love the chances you get to put it in the hole! one shot at a time . you will have a great round ! now go play relaxed and focussed and confidant you can make the put or chip but if you dont no big deal you will get more chances.. oh and chew some gum! it will keep you relaxed.. Michael Jordan and Tiger both cant be wrong .. a great way to keep your rithym and stay relaxed over the ball! now go play a round one shot at a time. im thinking you will shoot 5 or 6 shots lower than your average on 18 at least! and if your competion asks for a piece of gum tell them it was your last piece… sorry! but good luck today. and understand that everyone has there own way to stay relaxed , next time you see this 16 year old on the course realize that under that kids cool golf shirt and pants the guy has a pair of his sisters underpants to stay loose … probbably have some little flowers or lady bugs on them… he thinks nobody knows.. but next time you see him well its kinda sick but it works for him!

  • Henny Bogan:

    (1) On your drives, keep 5% of your power in your pocket. Give up a few yards off the tee…so what! Being in the fairway can save you strokes.

    (2) Every shot after the drive has a chance to go in the hole. Always believe it. Stay focused.

    (3) Better chipping and putting will get you down under a 10 hdcp. This takes practic and a mindset change. Again, think “in”…worst case, try to leave your chips or putts within a 3′ circle around the cup.

    (4) Stop giving him strokes. If you are supposed to be 2 shots better, yet he keeps beating you, one of you has not accepted reality. He should agree to play even up.

  • Jason G:

    Basically you have to minimize your mistakes. Turn those bogeys into pars by working on your short game and putting. That is how you score in golf. It doesn’t matter how long a hitter you are. If you can get near the green in regulation and you chip and putt well, you’ll save par more often and may luck up and chip in for birdie. Be committed to every shot you hit prior to hitting that shot.

  • Adam:

    Some Powerful golf swing tips:

    1. One of the most important golf swing tip is to keep your club face square. You need to maintain a consistent golf swing plane in order to keep your club face square

    2. Always fully concentrate your eye on the ball. You need to do these at all times during your swing.
    Golf is played at a professional level all over the world

    The Rules of Soccer are very simple:

    1) Easy to play

    2) Concentration is a key element of playing good Golf

    Golf is an Easy and Interesting game, A few simple flexibility and strength exercises can change your whole golf game. Concentration is the key success of playing Brilliant golf game.

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  • Tanner S:

    You have to be mentally ready, just because hes older doesn’t mean hes better than you. Go in to the tournament beiliving you can beat him, never go in thinking your gunna suck today or do bad. I suggest you read the book “The Game Before the Game,” it has helped me a ton with my mental game.