Golf Driving Tips – Hit Your Drives 350+ Yards! More golf driving tips today! Watch Nyle Pruitt as he gives you golf driving tips that will help you hit your drives far…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Golf Driving Tips – Hit Your Drives 350+ Yards!”

  • montreemtx:

    yep…it is the angular momentum that drive the ball.

  • cokeglas:

    Actually I think making a golf instructional video that can get the point
    across is maybe harder than putting it into practice.

  • cokeglas:

    Nope, sorry didn’t get anything out of this.

  • Mike Jones:

    I can’t even keep my aim on the ball- let alone hit a 350+

  • Golf Buddy:

    So far I’ve hit a golf ball into about 350 yards, luckily nothing broke

  • dbossmx:

    Yes and his left knee comes wildly inward. Instead of what was instructed
    in the video.

  • vaseline:

    on the final swing that you barely show his hips move fully with his
    shoulders. sends a mixed message a little

  • ssjadam:

    @foxracing2809 I call bs totally lol. 13 years old. only thing your good at
    is lieing

  • twotone17:

    @golftipvideos Okay, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andrew Rusher:

    If you pull your wrists back closer to your back when you come back on your
    swing you’ll gain way more power..they are only bringing it back a
    little..they don’t realize you can put full body into it..I NEVER play golf
    I just took lessons when I was little and was driving 350+ in middle
    school. I can hit over 500 yards now. I use a combination of my batting
    swing with a golf swing to get the distance..but i tend to slice about a
    1/5th the time

  • golftipvideos:

    @brown55061 Thanks for the comment. I don’t agree with your theory that
    “plenty of people who drive 350 feet and aren’t even in the top 100”. I
    don’t know how you quantify “plenty”. This is a video of someone who IS a
    long ball champion. He makes his living driving the ball farther than most.
    My point is, he speaks on the subject that he is an expert in. If his
    technique doesn’t work for you, that’s cool. But I think you’re WAY off
    base & CRAZY to suggest it won’t work for 90%

  • Curtis Walton:

    Now the only problem i have and other of us older golfers may have is that
    the so-called x factor move allows the hips to really fire and pull the
    hands into the slot but start with only a few of these until you get used
    to it or you probably will have a sore lower back. not saying don’t do it
    but it is something your muscles have to adapt to as it is a tremendously
    powerful thrust

  • cdizzle2210:

    Thankyou for the advice, does shaft flex have a serious impact on distance
    as well as accuracy?

  • golftipvideos:

    @ichigorox90 Yes, you do get power from your shoulders and rotation, but
    it’s really about all of your swing mechanics. Everything is important, and
    must work together.

  • ichigorox90:

    Isn’t most of your power for you swing from your shoulders and rotation?

  • athleticgolftraining:

    @ichigorox90 More power comes from the hips 1 mph increase of hip speed =
    25 mph clubhead speed increase. This is due to leverage points and length
    of angles bio-mechanically.

  • readygo242:

    @foxracing2809 That’s cool. You must be a man child, but that’s probably
    not going to be so cool at age 30 when your a man grandpa.

  • jason merschdorf:

    Hey this is alot of questions, But i need them answered please! Ive golfed
    for 7 years and i quit/ Got out of it and now i cant hit a golf ball
    straight to save my life Why is that?, I was Thinking about geting some
    ping golf clubs woould that help my game? or what clubs do u sugest? im 14
    and as big as im going to get,so please help!

  • FarCanaI:

    thank you so much for the advice….. after watching your video i went to
    my local driving range.. my drives got progressively longer with the last
    one disappearing in the horizon… my friends who was with me estimated
    that I hit that one 1,387 yards

  • twotone17:

    I seem to hit my 5wood further then i do my driver and it really annoys
    me.. I go to the range very often but find that my wilson 5wood out powers
    my Dunlop 65i x 1 wood.. Why is this? Are their pros and cons about the
    different shaft materials? My wilson 5wood has a steel shaft and my Dunlop
    1wood has a flex shaft.. Would you recommend me purchasing a steel shaft
    1wood or are flex shafts best for drivers? Please help me out!!


    very sassy comment

  • th3vikes:

    I am having trouble with my second shot. I am not striking the ball as well
    as I want too. I am either topping the ball or hitting to soon in front of
    the ball and not creating a good divot for control or to much of a divot.
    How can I fix this and have a better second shot?

  • zachpeace:

    @foxracing2809 I can hit the ball 300 with the right conditions and I’m 15,
    and I know 8th graders who could hit the ball just as far as me, so I
    wouldn’t say you’re lying. Hitting your drive 300 yards really isn’t hard
    to do, I’m 6’1″ 130 pounds and I can outdrive kids older and stronger than
    me. ITS ALL TECHNIQUE! Lean right, arms straight out front, high tee,
    straight legs, belt buckle through on the downswing, you can hit it 300
    fairly often… (a good driver never hurts either)

  • MikeBarr718:

    @th3vikes make sure u keep ur knees bent throughout ur swing, if u extend
    them your gonna pull up and top the ball, and try not to move your hole
    upper body side to side, thats gonna make ya fuck up, you wanna drive
    throught the ball with ur legs and hips, not ur upperbody

  • Tatiana Mametx:

    check : (Best Driver Video) Drive the ball without slicing . Tried it on
    student and helped a lot ! second thing will be the release

  • Gar Lok Cheung:

    Thank you so much for this video. I think I can finally hit the balls with
    this Driver.๏ปฟ

  • Gar Lok Cheung:

    Shawn, True Story, I started playing golf for only 2 months. I brought
    Callaway X Hot Pro Driver with a Stiff Shaft. I was struggling with this
    Driver. 80% of the time, it would slice far right and I couldn’t figure out
    a way to fix it until I saw this video of yours. Today I went to play 18
    holes. I tried it your method and place the Club Head half foot to 1 foot
    away from the Ball. I could not believe I hit at least 10 shots either into
    the Fairway or near the fairway. I had 3 260+ yards.

  • Craig Burnett:

    Shawn, would suggest to address the ball your way, with the driver in the
    middle of your stance, then practice getting the impact of the ball right,
    then gradually move the club forward in your stance until you are
    addressing the ball like the professionals and most people do, by having
    the driver head behind the ball?? Just interested in how a lot of ppl have
    the club head right behind the ball but yet you get such good contact
    having the club in the middle of your stance! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Craig.

  • Adarsh Kumar:

    hey all network tricks of unlimited 3G —

  • MrTarzan2012:

    Gotta say shawn, your swing is a little unorthodox but it just looks so
    easy and relaxed. Such a beautiful swing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Luis Hernandez:

    Why you lift your body so much on the hack swing? Weird swing.

  • Joe Fp:


  • Shawn Clement:

    @ThePommyjon Have a look at my “Modern Driver; Shawn Clement” video part 1
    and 2 and you will see that what you are doing is not so bad! Great for
    golf in Ireland and Scotland and for firm fairways…Shawn

  • tomi Last:

    Hey Shawn that is great and I found by “closing” the club-face very very
    slightly in my hands I’m able to hit through the ball with greater
    confidence and accuracy. My actual swingpath intent through the ball
    (although I have a square set-up) is out to the right slightly which
    generates a powerful impact through the ball and on the fairway. Love your
    logical thinking about golf, cheers mate.

  • Shawn Clement:

    Good stuff…:) See “high draw bomb shawn clement” video as well; Shawn

  • Shawn Clement:

    Hi Ron; already have lots! Have a look at these videos: “arms and body
    timing shawn clement” “stop crashing shawn clement” “dynamic vs static
    shawn clement” and “how arms and club release shawn clement”

  • veryspecialsteve:

    i did enjoy shawn, however do you ever intend to do a segment on choosing
    the right driver as you cannot trust everything you hear in the local golf

  • Andrew Parkinson:

    Very skeptical before I tried this drill today. Wow -my slice completely
    disappeared and added significant distance. Usually I average around 250
    yds when I hit it right (20% of the time) but today drilled one 280
    straight down the middle with little effort. One problem, my alignment
    sucks.My buddy dropped a club at my feet and I was aiming way right on
    several shots, even though my shoulders, hips and club head were square to
    the intermediate target. Any suggestions how to correct this?

  • pjoxodus:

    Hi Shawn. Greetings from Sweden. I want to start by thanking you for all
    the great videos. Thanks really! I’ve been enjoying the sport since ’07-08
    but lately it’s just a lot of fun and your videos and instructions are a
    big part of that. I’m very comfortable with my irons, but the driver, not
    so much. I’m a natural fader but can draw the ball with irons. But I slice
    the driver some 20-60 yards. Why is that? Is there something extra to do
    with the driver (and woods) to make it work? – Patrik

  • Shawn Clement:

    First see an important video called “weak grip or strong grip shawn
    clement” and then see “pure strike shawn clement” part 1 and 2; lastly, see
    my High Draw Driver shawn clement” video and you should be all set after
    that; I would highly recommend you get my new 2013 video series as well; it
    is almost a 6 figure production and has 5 hours of prioritized instruction
    for every aspect of the game including how to hit real draws and fades with
    all clubs including driver.

  • jdheelfan:

    That is so you can hit the ball on the upswing. You don’t want to hit the
    ball where your swing bottoms out. I saw this video last summer and applied
    it on the course and immediately added 25 yards to my drive and hit it much

  • James Arnold:

    Hi Shawn Enjoy your teaching. Struggling with this video. I draw the ball
    naturally and started using this video to hit the driver. However I started
    to badly hook the ball every 4th drive. Went to see the local pro and he
    moved my club to behind the ball instead of that distance you have between
    club and ball. This has stopped the hook and given me a nice booming drive.
    Who is right? best james from sunny london UK

  • scouseralph:

    Hi Shawn, Ive changed my whole game based on your techniques and improved
    my game no end, Many Thanks. Now I’m trying to master the driver Ping
    Rapture v2 12 Deg. Question – On address (club centre) looking down at
    ball, I never know on setup if face of driver should be in line with ball
    or slightly more forward, so on the way through impact I wont send the ball
    out to the left as my arch has already bottomed out? any help appreciated.
    ta in advance.

  • trextrextrex:

    ok Shawn have the Videos from 3 or 4 years ago. Which were excellent by the
    way What is the difference / updates for the 2013?

  • Jeff Harmon:

    you’re, not ur, you not u,

  • Lefty69:

    This is a great tip Shawn, I tried this last summer and my drives have
    never been so long and accurate. But when I miss I’m in the next county.
    Lefthanded as I am I sometimes “loos” the ball way out to the left

  • 63dodged100:

    @clemshaw WOW 1st time a actually hit this driver straight. I watched the
    video about strong/weak grip and then tried it a the first a was
    kind of struggling with it but then it came together. when I got it down it
    helped me figure out that I was doing some other things wrong also.I was
    going to much to the inside during the backswing cause problems with my
    hands, if the make any sense anyways ill keep watching your videos
    (weakgrip,hogans powermove,stacked and balanced) and keep pra

  • Dean Mitchell:

    @steelcup Or something. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like many aspects of Shawns swing, but I
    prefer an on plane pure rotary action like Geoff Jones and Dan Whittaker
    teach. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John Burns:

    More an element to fine tune. What is so cool is how high my iron shots go
    & how clean I can hit ’em with your drill. In 7 iron, 100 ball practice
    from 170 to guarded a postage stamp green, prep for the NCGA Senior
    Qualifier, it was great to not have to depend on a 7 wood, great to see the
    ball stop on the green. I missed the cut by 1 stroke. Still I hit some
    balsy shots and defeated 47 golfers. Need to build confidence but thanks to
    you I looked pretty darn good out there. Thank you, Shawn.

  • Shawn Clement:

    @scouseralph Remember that you are not swinging AT the ball, you are
    swinging THROUGH THE BALL! This is why the address position is very
    different than the impact position; Have a look at my “hammer through;
    shawn clement” video Shawn