golf driving range?

Question by mapleleafydude: golf driving range?
I have recently got crazy about golf and i am still working on the basics. Address, stance, posture and blah blah blah. I have learnt lots of bascis from youtube videos and some free lessons off the net. I suddenly feel an urge to go to the driving range at various times during my work and even midnight. I am feeling restless when i figure out that i wont be able to go to a driving range when i am at work.

Overall i am feeling addicted to it. Last month alone is spent 20$ every single day practicing in the driving range. At the end of the month i started realized that there is something wrong with my budgeting. How can i stop this craving for golf?
Downloading Shot Online right now. Eventhough there is nothing compared to playing it on the field i am gonna try this just to kick off my habbit of going to the course everyday.

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Answer by Southie9
you can’t its something new and fun, i love golf also, but i am decent at it and dont need a range every day.

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  • Red Machine D:

    Look for a game called Shot Online. It’s how I kicked my $ 400 a month golf habit.

  • wheeliebin:

    Join the club my Friend! now you know how we all feel about golf! Wonderful! isnt it? We’ve all been there, trying to improve our stance, our swing, and our follow-thru! I’m still trying! Good for you!

  • justanotherengine:

    You can’t, it’s your passion, I bought a mustang, read too many mustang mags, spent a ton of $ , now the car is 850 H.P and can’t be driven on the street (Scarey fast), some day I’ll add up all the money I spent on the car, and have a heart attack, enjoy your Golf Fever, it’s what makes life exciting, it’s your little reward at the end of the day. We have “SKY DRIVE” here, it’s a 2 story driving range, the 2nd floor obviously increases you distance, very cool, I moved on to “BOATS’ now, Got the Fever Bad, BOATS ! I love em ! I get so caught up in my hobby’s, that I often take some sort of crap P/T job, to pay for what I want, then quit, no law against that ! Enjoy your new hobby, it there for YOU !

  • jaipurjohn:

    Let us get one thing straight you are not playing golf! You are practicing! If you want to play golf then you must go to a course, public ,private, whatever! I once watched a young Japanese man at a driving range in Osaka. He hit the ball a million miles, consistently and with a grooved swing. I complimented him on his ability and asked where he played. he staggered me by saying that he did not play, just hit balls! This is decision time: do you become a member of a “club” or do you just do this as a form of relaxation and exercise?Perhaps it is time to investigate joining a group at a public course and “playing the game”.

  • bleu_devil6:

    do you have a garden?
    hit golf balls from a synthetic grass carpet (or the grass if you don’t care about you grass) into a net that you can buy at a golf store. You won’t see where your ball go, but you’ll be able to work the basics (stance, alignement…) You can also use normall ball, not range balls.
    also join a club, cause PLAYING IS MUCH MORE FUN

  • polyesterfred:

    addiction is bad. no matter what it is you are addicted to. breathe man breathe. practice self control. it’s not like golf is chemically addicting.

  • emmettgolf:

    There are much worse things you could be doing. A lot of guys spend $ 100 per night in a bar.

    To reduce the amount of money you’re spending on buckets of balls, get one bucket and practice chipping, pitching and sand shots before you blast them out into the range. Instead of getting a big bucket, get a medium and also practice your putting. Your game will improve and so will your budget. You could spend 3-4 hours at the range with a medium bucket which is a lot less expensive and better for you than most forms of entertainment except sitting in front of the tube.

  • number42:

    Everyday I find a well maintained open field and I hit balls there. I made a makeshift flag and pole and plant it in the ground. I then measure 25,50, 75, 100 and hit shots at each distance. There is no expense involved. I also go to a golf course and for free I chip and putt for hours. What you are experiencing is a mind altering pastime of hitting golf balls to take your mind off the rigors of your daily life. Hitting golf balls anywhere anytime is like a tranqualizer for me. When I concentrating on my golf swing nothing else in the world matters. I know you feel the same. I even set up a golf net in my backyard.