Golf – Driver – Technique with Steve Khatib GolfZone

Driver technique Steve looks at how to help you get the most out of your Driver.

7 Responses to “Golf – Driver – Technique with Steve Khatib GolfZone”

  • Naser Hamad:

    one at a time please

  • S71GGY:

    Great advice ! Been having a massive slice for a while with the driver,
    watching this I think I’m not releasing early enough not giving myself
    enough time to adjust ! Thankyou !

  • jibbajabba311:

    nice tip on teeing it up….how the club should be at the toe a address to
    be in the sweet spot during the strike..

  • Izach Evens:

    before i watched all of his vids on driving i had the biggest slice ever
    now i got a perfectly straight shot thanks alot!!!!!

  • Fernando Encalada:

    great instructions!

  • dylan martin:

    High Fade!

  • icebox1119:

    I feel like an idiot. I’ve have a horrible driver slice and never once
    thought about trying to fix it by releasing earlier. Hopefully this will
    help me out when I golf tomorrow