Golf Courses in Raleigh / RTP?

Question by Pete: Golf Courses in Raleigh / RTP?
I just relocated to Cary, NC. I’m looking for some suggestions on Golf Courses. I’ve played Jordan Lakes and Duke Course but I don’t know what others I should try. I’ve heard Crooked Creek and Devils Ridge are good but I’m not sure. Any suggestions??

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just play them all and find out. i personally dont live there or have never been there but good luck

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  • handyman:

    Try… Eagle Ridge, Chapel Ridge (Pittsboro), Falls Village, Mill Creek (Mebane). If you join “ClickitGolf” online, you can get some decent priced coupons for these courses.

  • short and to the point:

    i only played lochmere when i lived in cary. it was nice. just play different courses and choose the ones you want to play regularly.

  • Justin M:

    Hey Pete. I live in Durham and play golf whenever I get the chance. Devil’s Ridge is a pretty nice course (it’s private non-equity though) and is relatively long at just over 7,000 yards. Can’t say the same for Crooked Creek (It’s fairly short at just over 6,200 yards if I’m not mistaken) but it’s name fits it well. I live in a golf course community in Durham. The golf course is called The Crossings at Grove Park. It’s a mediocre course. It has some intriguing holes (like the 9th, you have to hit over the same body of water on your first and second shots). Two of the par 3’s are almost exactly the same hole then you get to a 200+ yd par 3. It’s not a bad course though. If you don’t mind shoveling out the cash for a membership, there’s Brier Creek Country Club which was designed by Arnold Palmer. I’d have to say of all the courses I’ve played, the best one has been River Ridge by far. It’s located on Auburn-Knightdale road, and it’s nice. It’s not overly expensive to play (about $ 45 during the week and $ 62 or so on the weekend), but that includes a bucket of range balls. Golf magazine gave River Ridge four stars and after playing it, I understood why. Even if you don’t have a great deal of time for golf excursions, I would definitely check out River Ridge. Everything is probably still dead and brown right now, but when spring hits and everything turns back to green, it’s where I’ll be spending my spare time.

  • iwasnotanazipolka:

    Ah, you are amid a passel of nice courses. Finley, the UNC course is fun. RGA, a simple little course is about 25 bucks. Lochmere right there in Cary is fun, in fact:
    401 Par Golf,5715 Fayetteville Rd,Raleigh,NC,919-772-5261
    Birkdale Golf Card,Strickland Rd,Raleigh,NC,27611,919-846-5382
    Brevofield Golf Links,13601 Camp Kanata Rd,Raleigh,NC,919-562-1900
    Cheviot Hills Golf Course,7301 Capital Blvd,Raleigh,NC,27611,919-876-9920
    Crooked Creek
    Crossings At Grove Park The,4023 Old Wake Forest Hwy,Durham,NC,919-598-8686
    Deep River Golf Course,461 Barringer Rd,Sanford,NC,919-774-5686
    Duke University Golf Club,Route 751 and Science Dr,Durham,NC,919-681-2288
    Eagle Crest Golf Course,4400 Auburn Church Rd,Raleigh,NC,27611,919-772-6104
    Eagle Ridge Golf Club,Old Stage Rd,Raleigh,NC,919-661-6300
    Falls Village Golf LLC,115 Falls Village Ln,Durham,NC,919-596-4653
    Hedingham Golf Club Dr,Raleigh,NC,27604,919-250-3030
    Heritage Golf Club
    Hidden Valley Golf Course,7900 Hwy 55 S,Willow Springs,NC,919-639-4071
    Knights Play
    Lakeshore Golf Course,4621 Lumley Rd,Durham,NC,919-596-2401
    Lochmere Golf Club
    Par Golf,5715 Fayetteville Rd,Raleigh,NC,919-772-5261
    Paschal Golf Club,555 Stadium Rd,Wake Forest,NC,919-556-5861
    Pine Hollow Golf Club,3300 Garner Rd,Clayton,NC,919-553-4554
    Raleigh Golf Association Inc,1610 Tryon Rd,Raleigh,NC,27603,919-772-9987
    Reedy Creek Golf Course,Raleigh,NC,919-934-7502
    River Ridge Golf Club,3224 Auburn Knightdale Rd,Raleigh,NC,919-661-8374
    The Neuse Golf
    Wake Forest Golf Club,Wake Forest,NC,919-556-3416
    Wendell Country Club Inc,351 Jake May Dr,Wendell,NC,919-365-7337
    Wil-Mar Country Club
    Wildwood Green
    Zebulon Country Club,2424 Pearces Rd,Raleigh,NC,919-269-8311