Golf Clubs : Ping Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs : Ping Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs : Ping Golf Clubs

About five decades ago, an engineer named Karsten Solheim was playing golf. He was not very satisfied with his putting performance, so he tried creating a new putter. With his engineering background, he was soon able to put together a new putter that he found suitable. He tried it out on the ball, and the putt was perfect. As he hit the ball, the putter made a sound. Solheim did not know it yet, but he had just invented the great Ping golf club.Visit to :

Soheim began using his new putter in public, and people encouraged him to sell Ping golf clubs to other players. The engineer soon became busy creating more and more Ping golf clubs to satisfy the demand. As the orders poured in, his shop became too small and he moved to Phoenix with his family. This is where he established a much larger shop for Ping golf clubs.

Considered a musical golf club, Sports Illustrated talked about Ping golf clubs and helped sales skyrocket into becoming a popular golf club around the world. The putters are found everywhere, and believe me when I say, everyone wants one. I have first hand experience that this is the best club and some will go to the ends of the earth to find a Ping golf club.

Soon, Ping golf clubs were a regular fixture on the PGA tournaments. When the pro golfers toured in other countries, they brought along their different designs of Ping golf clubs and turned it into an international name.

The Ping golf clubs are known for that funny sound that pings when you hit the ball.

If you have never heard the sound, you must have a go at putting a ball with this putter and you will find amazement as most do. When you hit your golf ball, you know you are making good contact and should make the hole in one swipe. If not keep practicing until you become a pro with the Ping golf clubs. This is the putter of champions with many golfers new and old and will continue to be found on golf courses in Japan and everywhere.

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