Golf Bags For All Occasions

Golf Bags For All Occasions

Choosing a golf bag is a purely personal decision, based on looks and details and what you, the golfer ,want the bag to hold. These days it’s not just clubs a golf bag has to carry, but numerous other things like rain wear, gloves, balls, drinks and even eatables. There is a golf bag for everyone, but first you have to decide what you want out of yours, and then you can decide what is best.

Here is a list of the type of bags that are available and what they are most often used for.

Carry Bag

If you like to carry your clubs, you’ll need a lightweight bag that has a wide padded strap. Try it on in the store, with golf clubs in it, to see if it is properly centred and that it feels comfortable to you. The material should be light, like canvas or nylon, and the bag should be just big enough to hold the essentials for play, clubs, balls, tees and maybe a towel. It should also have it’s own built in stand, so the bag doesn’t have to be laid down. Check the stand, to make sure it’s durable, before you buy.

Cart Bag

These golf bags are bigger than the carry bags and can hold more equipment. Because of this, they are also heavier and are not meant to be carried. This bag is appropriate for a golf cart or hand pushed golf trolley. They will also have more pockets for more storage.

Tour Bag

The tour bag is the type the pro’s use, and is the biggest and heaviest of all. You will see this bag slung over the caddie’s back. They are high quality, are the most expensive, and hold just about everything bar the kitchen sink!

Junior Golf Bag

These are golf bags made for the young golfer. They are very light, have a shorter shoulder strap, and hold fewer clubs.

They are also less expensive, which is nice when your not sure if your young one will become a golf lover or not.

Travel Bag

You can get travel golf bags with either soft or hard sides, nowadays. Perhaps if you are flying, the travel bag with the hard sides may be the better option. To prevent you from having to scrape it across the airport car park, get one with built in wheels. Also, look for one that has a locking mechanism, not just a zip. This will ensure none of your clubs get stolen, or accidentally fall out.

Your own personality will come into play when choosing the colour and detail of the bag. Keep an eye on quality and price, but especially on getting the right bag that will work for you.

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