Golf and More Golf

Golf and More Golf

There is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. The wrong way is to decide on something and not learn how to become proficient at it. Sometimes this is borne out of stubbornness and an, “I know it all attitude” This road only leads to mediocrity in whatever you do and you will always stay at the middle of the road and going nowhere fast. Golf is very different. When one takes up golf it is usually for life.

It becomes addictive to some people and all they want to do is go out on a golf course and play all day. This is a wonderful thought, but unfortunately we all cannot do this. A little thing like earning a living tends to get in the way. We have to contend with whatever time we have free from family commitments and work.

Now having said all that we should not let it stand in our way of looking to improve our golf. If we take a lazy approach and say well, it is only a hobby, and it is not too important if I do not get any better.

To adopt an attitude like this might suit those who like coming in second best and do not want to improve their game, and do not care about their golfing partners when it comes to playing in competitions.

Fortunately with most golfers this is not the case. A serious golfer knows it is paramount that they learn the correct golf drills, driver techniques, correct stance, correct posture, and addressing the ball.

Golf is a tough master, it demands total commitment when playing it. There is no room for mistakes. If you make a mistake it will come down hard on you, and you will pay the consequences. These consequences usually fall directly onto your handicap and your punishment is loss of points on your score card, which keeps your handicap high.

These are the sacrifices you must make if you become lazy.

The fundamentals of golf involve total commitment. This means preparing strategies for the game ahead. You must plan how you will take on the course and all it’s hazards. You then must prepare all your warm up drills, practice swings, check your stance is right, you are addressing the ball correctly and so it goes on.

Golf can be a very rewarding game just as much as it can break your heart. You must be able to take the good with the bad. There will be days when everything goes along perfect and you will be hitting every drive exactly where you want to put it. And of course there will be the bad days when nothing goes right for you.

Well my friend in golf, this is what you sign up for when you decided to take up golf, so do not get too disheartened every golfer on the planet has or is going through this stage of the learning process. You must keep learning, practicing, playing. Do not be afraid to seek help with some aspects of your game if you feel you need it. Remember, golf and more golf is the way to go for success.

Good luck in your future golfing. Noel.

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