Golf Adjustable Driver Heads Do They Work

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25 Responses to “Golf Adjustable Driver Heads Do They Work”

  • Multiman112:


  • Mark Crossfield:

    Golf Ajustable Driver Heads Do They Work with Mark Crossfield PGA
    professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits some shots with a golf driver that
    features changeable head technology and talks about how shutting the head
    or opening the head can affect the ball flight and your golf swing. Mark
    talks about the positive and negatives of closing the face at address to
    stop the bad sliced or slicing drives to the right. What effects does this
    have on your golf game and your golf swing.

  • Welsh TourDrivenGolfer:

    It looks so odd seeing mark wearing no glasses! You actually look younger
    mark! Haha

  • Martin Hague:

    Interesting, it’s amazing how little different there is between horse
    riding and golf as a instructor I get questions about changing horse bits (
    mettle piece in the horses mouth) if you change the bit yes the horse
    repsonds differently but it doesn’t cure the problem in the fist place as
    the horse starts compensating and ends up with the same problem but worse.
    The only way it will cange if we have lessons on getting the correct feel
    and results. So morrel of the story is to get good couching!!!! And not use
    new tec to fix the problem :-)

  • Chad Huggins:

    Great video! As a beginner, I agree it’s better to learn to fix your swing
    instead of the club fixing it for you. I just started and feel for me a
    driver that can`t be adjusted is what I need to learn the correct swing
    path to fix my slice. I have watched many videos on how to correct a slice.
    Thanks I enjoy the videos.


  • Christopher LaFreniere:

    Without your glasses on it’s like watching a total stranger.

  • Vetrlz07:

    I completely agree with you, Mark. I think the real value in these
    adjustments are for the very good player, especially tour level players.
    The adjustments make sense for a player with a very good, neutral swing who
    wants to adjust, for example, for a course with wide, fast fairways by
    adding in a bit of draw spin to encourage more roll. Conversely, a driver
    could be adjusted with a smidgen of fade or slightly more loft to prevent
    drives from rolling off into the rough on narrow fairways, or less loft for
    high winds. To me, this is a much more useful application of this
    technology, but it really applies to very good players with very solid,
    repeatable swings. For amateurs with poorly developed swings, adjusting the
    club will usually result in complete confusion and even worse long-term

  • lucianslycans:

    Is this the same Crossfield or his evil twin…first video out of 100’s
    I’ve watched where Mark is not wearing glasses lol. Love your work mate!!

  • Mattyboy4368:

    Who is this chap 

  • fleebenworth:

    Doesn’t that mean that you are just slicing 80% of your shots?

  • mini696:

    Does the face still line up stright to the target? Or is it just like
    closing the face by turning the whole club in your hands?

  • saintcruzin:

    I changed my Taylormade 2o closed and went from slight fade to slight draw
    with more roll!! It works!!!! I love the 5 yrd draw I now hit!!!

  • Justin Martin:

    I think an important thing to keep in mind is the detrimental affect these
    types of drivers can have on alignment. Making swing compensations to fix
    faulty swing mechanics is one thing but making adjustments to fix poor
    alignment in my opinion is most certainly not the way to go. I say get to
    range and work on your game rather than looking for a quick fix

  • firefliesfan1:

    take lessons im a lefty that had the same problem when i started out and
    now i hit the ball staighter so i suggest lessons

  • Logan Harrington:

    Hey Mark, great video. I completely agree with you on this. A device will
    never FIX a swing fault permanently. I have only been playing since last
    year. Typical drive = 200-225 75% of them on a wicked slice. I decided to
    videotape myself DTL and found out I was coming over the top so much, it
    put me at ~40% loss of power and 20 deg out to in swing path. I made the
    correction in my swing mech and presto. 2 drives strait at 305 and 285 and
    it was effortless power. New clubs won’t fix swing faults.

  • Ivan Sanders:

    Interesting but the adjustable face angle concept is likely not why most
    golfers buy these heads but rather in the hope of adjusting loft. In that
    respect that do not work, as recently established by Tom Wishon – a leading
    golf engineering expert who measured several well know brands. Furthermore,
    adjusting most brands via a sleeve throws out the shaft’s vital spineing.
    And for a seriously fast swinger (over 110 mph) expect dry jointed drivers
    to collapse. A misleading toy for lazy golfers.

  • oceans111213sk:

    I think Mark is right. It’s a mental thing

  • Eddie B:

    Drivers are built for the 70-80% of the people that slice the ball. The
    others like me who draw or pull it a little are always looking for an

  • Aviationlover100:

    No glasses :0 you got contacts??

  • Chris Nunez:

    the only difference is in the shaft used. If you’re driving the ball 290+
    consistently then the TP would be worth the extra price. If not, then a
    tour grade shaft will not do you much good.

  • golfnomad:

    loving the glove Mark..Go Mizuno!!

  • bebo7002:

    Great video man and so true about the ajustable heads im going to get a 910
    and just tinker with the lofts

  • stikmunkey:

    Hi Mark, I set my to 2 degree close and straighten out my drives for the
    past 4 months or so but I have been working on improving my swing and
    actually hitting even further to the right now (I’m a lefty) so i’m
    actually taking it back to neutral so I guess your argument is true.

  • michaeljames92:

    People, the ball starts where the face is aiming. a closed face will simply
    only start it more left if you slice. the best drawers of the ball actually
    hit the ball with a face open to the target. i.e. giving it positive loft.
    Hence they hit it higher.

  • Laurent Beuk:

    Can this technology help if you have for example a slice?