Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

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25 Responses to “Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed”

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Yes you only have one swing.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    only legs that can touch are severely bowed legs. To get it just throw some
    balls overhand out in front of you will a 7 iron stance. If you so they
    will touch perfectly. This is the move you need in your swing.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    You are shifting your weight to the forward leg too fast. If your upper
    body tilts left in the downswing you will hit it left. You need to fire the
    lower body but in doing so your upper body should be staying behind the

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Glad to hear it. Keep up the good work.

  • Yankee Red:

    I have been playing for almost a year now and started out shooting on
    average about 100 -105. Short game and putting was always good but my drive
    was HORRIFIC. I would slice 16 drives out of bounds consistently. I put
    your tip into place, loose wrists, easy swing and let the club do all the
    work. It has improved my score by an average of 10-12 strokes. The last 4
    times I shot 86, 91, 89, and 92. Your tip has completely turned my game
    around. 80% of my drives are straight. Thanks Paul!

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    You need to be generating the power with loose wrists. The looser something
    is the faster it swings. So although you may not be able to hinge fully
    this hinge must be loose. You tighten this and you definitely lose power
    because now you are using pure strength to hit your shots. So keep the
    wrists loose and work on using your legs and hips to turn your body faster
    to get your speed back up. Shouldn’t be too hard for a better player. It is
    an unmistakable feeling of using the legs.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    If you are pulling it you are starting down with your arms first. Focus on
    the legs and hips starting the downswing. If the lower body starts first
    and your arms are powerless you will hit it dead straight.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Thanks. Glad you liked it. Nice LP.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Not sure why your stance was very close together. I certainly don’t promote
    this. With a normal stance it should not take you that long to gain
    balance. Just keep at it.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    This is because you are trying to hit the ball with the hands and arms. The
    hard you hit, the tighter they get, the more open the clubface. You need to
    let them roll over by loosening up. I like people to roll the wrists over
    from the top of the backswing down and through impact. This gets it
    hooking. Once they person can do this they straighten it out by adding
    lower body. Check out my site Ignition Golf dot come for more tips on this.

  • Crash Temper:


  • Martin Jaslow:

    Hi Paul, I’m 75 and had my speed swing analyzed today and it was 55 mph. I
    am an 18 handicap. Used to be able to hit a 7 iron 145 yards. I’ve had both
    knees replaced last year and have just started to play golf again. Watched
    your video on Youtube as to how to increase swing speed as was impressed
    with your tips about keeping the wrists loose and to fire the hips. Plan to
    try these tips tomorrow and hopefully will find some success in increasing
    my swing speed. Thanks.

  • Ball Striker:

    I’ll try this. Excellent drill 🙂

  • robbie belford:

    does this loose wrist action apply to all golf clubs thanks

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Typically when people hit irons they try to hit down on the ball. Hitting
    down occurs through the right fundamentals not from purposely hitting down.
    Focus on the looseness in the wrists as well as coiling and uncoiling the
    body and you should be fine.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    I’m very tight and have never been able to get to 90 degrees. So it just
    shows you that you can still generate lots of power with limited turn. I am
    really driving my legs hard to get this plus I have a good lag angle. Turn
    back as much as you can turn back with a stable base. Don’t go more than
    you can go. Check out my Ignition Golf website. I have tons of tips on this

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Glad you liked it. Yes, you need loose arms and forearms. This is all part
    of it. Maybe didn’t stress it in this one.

  • kausmile:

    Thanks Paul, excellent tip and video! Do you like the swing speed radar
    with tempo or is the tempo not needed?

  • Rocky Delareto Sr:

    Very good.

  • En-Huei Joe:

    Paul, Your technique really works for me – loose wrists to promote the
    whipping action upon impact. I am used to “weak grip” – I feel that this
    would somewhat impede the whipping action. Then I experiment with “strong
    grip” – this would promote whipping action better – I get longer distance.
    Is it correct that strong grip is better for whipping action ??? Thanks !!!

  • BombTechGolf:

    Loose!! Hard to do when you are swing fast, but very true!

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    That’s great news. Just keep at it and you will even more amazed.

  • SuperGillinghamfc:

    will try next time at the range. seems very simple. nice vid

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    These are doppler radar and need to be licensed. At present, they are not
    available in AUS.

  • Paul Wilson Golf:

    Exactly, As soon as you put a ball in front of someone they want to hit it
    which tightens them up. I am never trying to hit anything. I know it will
    be hit if I make the move.