Drummond Golf Tips – The fairway wood

Here’s another great golfing tip from Drummond Golf on how to make the most of your second shot using the fairway wood with Richard Hatt.

A great clip of Fred Astaire dancing and playing golf at the same time. It takes great balance to achieve this and also the firm planting of the left foot pr…
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25 Responses to “Drummond Golf Tips – The fairway wood”

  • Mr Business Golf:

    And that is they way you should learn to play golf!

  • Darrell Williams:

    Just figured out if I could dance like Fred Astaire I could hit the ball
    better !
    Don’t know how many have seen this old clip of Fred dancing and hitting
    golf balls , very impressive !!
    Movie is called ” Getting out of Town ”
    Golf Tips – Technique Example 1 Balance during the swing

  • Paul LoCicero:


  • april showers:

    apprartently he did it all in one take at 9 30 in the morning, just walk on
    teh set and said right and did it!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Daitz:


  • Gorski213:

    I show this clip to the javelin throwers I coach to let them see real
    rhythm in action. Talk about correct application of forces in a relaxed

  • MGS39:

    no wonder he was sucha great golf as well as dancer.

  • onebaud:

    Tiger could not do this. But no one else can either. Fred was one of a kind
    and has no equal. I miss him along with a slew of others.

  • Henry Kelly:


  • darrennorton36:

    WOAH! This guy could win a Major for fun!

  • Curtis Walton:

    Listen to the club excellerate as it comes to the ball. I remember even
    when i was a kid and saw this how impressive it was. Now knowing a little
    about golf I appreciate how truly phenomenal it is. thanks for posting it

  • moshiee03:

    this is honestly one of the most impressive things ive ever seen

  • Gary Jones:

    Absolutely brilliant!!

  • Mi5oMi6o:

    Thats is bloody brilliant..I love how he really gets his front heel lifted
    and then plants it down through impact… For sure that should be a NIKE

  • aroonie:

    Fantastic. That, my friends, is a golf swing.

  • John Erickson:

    Fred had a great golf swing.. His use of vertical and horizontal ground
    pressures is better than most tour pros we see today. The heavier clubs of
    the past required more force grounding into the feet, and who better to do
    that than Astaire! Bravo Great One!

  • TheGolfswingtips:


  • N LS:

    ridiculous…i’m gonna start dancing on the course!

  • Robert Brown:


  • loftboy2000:


  • Roy Palmer:

    Such poise – Fred is a great example that people from all sports can
    benefit from copying.

  • fennygolf:

    ive tried and this aint easy

  • FSU PGM'er:

    I read in a book I bought about ten years ago that after the dance routine,
    when the crew went to pick up the balls, all four of Astaire’s iron shots
    ended up within about twenty feet from one another and all five of his tee
    shots ended up about thirty or forty feet from each other. I’m not kidding.
    I’ll try to find the name of the book, if I still have it.

  • Sophie Mayer:

    Super toll, wünschte ich könnte das auch!!!!!!!!!