driving range vs. golf course?

Question by nick: driving range vs. golf course?
i finished a round a golf the other day and noticed all my hard work at the driving range was for nothing. i had poor contact with my driver resulting in a snap hook or a high hook (im a lefty). My irons were either hit thin or chunked. Wedges were horrendous. Putting was the only thing that was good. At the driving range i hit a large bucket of balls with a PW, 7 iron , 5 iron 3 wood and driver. only a very small handful of those shots were mishits and the rest were all on target. Please help!

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Answer by Jaime
This is what i do and whent fro 95 to breakinf 80…
1 keep your head at one height every time during your swing
2 during swing do not lift right foot… keep it planted
3 look et the ball even after you swing keep your face down untill left shoulder moves it

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  • haha:

    The range with the artificial stuff is no good for iron practice, the bottom if very forgiving and it often is deceiving. The driver, well that has to be a mental thing, you must be doing something different on the course than you are at the range, make sure you take note of where you place the ball in your stance and how high the tees are above the mat at the range. Both of these could be factors that change how you hit the ball on the course. For the irons, you may want to find a field somewhere and take a few balls and just hit your wedges or find a range with grass so that you can practice. The range will eventually make you better, it very well could be a mental thing on the course.

  • aledjdy:

    The range is for making a consistent swing and consistent distance-control. You obviously didn’t do this (or didn’t do this enough) if you hit bad shots in the golf course. The golf course also requires lots of experience to play well in. There are slopes in the field (the range’s hitting surface is 100% flat) and you have to adjust your stance or swing accordingly.

  • caddyshack:

    This happens to many, many people actually.

    What they fail to realize, more often than not however, is how much your mental situation effects your golf shots.

    Let’s compare the two scenarios real quick…

    Driving Range: You aren’t under any pressure. If you miss a shot, just hit another one. You tend to not focus on as small of a target as well, just solid contact. Many people hit shots off line and never realize it becuase they really didn’t have a small enough target picked out.

    Course: You are under pressure with every shot, because you have to go find your ball wherever you hit it. Your targets are smaller, etc. This does two things. It shows the flaws in your swing that will show up under pressure and it shows your mishits larger because of smaller targets.

    Most people’s swings have certain flaws that crop up when under pressure. Pros work very hard to find these flaws and correct them so they can finish the round strong when in contention.

    As for a recommendation, I would say this.

    1. Take your time hitting your shots on the range. Its not how many balls you hit but how well you hit them.

    2. Treat EVERY ball on the range exactly as if it were on the course. This means lining up from behind the ball, walking forward and setting your line, focusing on the target, etc.

    3. Pick the smallest target possible, everytime. This means a tree branch, a flagstick, a small patch of burnt out grass, etc. This will really hone your sense of exactly how off center your hits are.

    4. Engage in competition on the range whenever possible. Have pitching contests, closest to the flag contests, long drive contests, hit the cart guy more times contests… anything to get your swing under some pressure while practicing.

    As you probably noticed by now most people’s attitudes are completely different on the range and the course, distorting their view of how well they really are hitting the ball… try these things and you should start seeing realistic evaluations of your swing and truly be able to work on getting better.

    Hope this helps!!! Good luck!