Driving Range Plan

Driving Range Plan

One of the most common mistakes I see in golfers is, they go out to the range thinking they are going to get a good day of practice. When in fact, it might hurt them more than it will help them. Here’s why and how to practice the correct procedures.

First, most amateurs go to the range thinking they will improve their game. Well ,what I see is the first thing they do is pull out the big driver and start smacking balls one right after another. Before they know it they are out of balls and they are tired. They have practiced on most of there bad habits the had when they got to the range.

This is what I think an amateur beginner or not should do when they want to improve their game. First they should stretch before they even want to hit a golf ball. Take your time and get those muscles warmed up. Take an two or three iron and lay in down buy your feet directed to a target. Always have a target, just like playing a round of golf. Now start with a pitching wedge or sand wedge. Get a pre-shoot routine and do it for every shoot. This way when you get on the course this will be automatic and you really won’t have to worry about it as much. Concentrate on only a few items for every swing. One on the setup, one during the swing and one during the follow through. This way you won’t have a million things running through your head at one time. Hit a few wedges, then go to your seven iron. Then maybe a three or four iron. After you hit a few of those go to a hybrid or three wood. Practice the same things as you would the wedges and seven irons. The only different is your ball placement. When you hit a few of those, go ahead and hit your driver. Once again practice the same techniques.

Just change the ball position.

Just because you have the driver in your hand now, doesn’t mean you have to swing harder. Take the same swing as your wedges, seven iron, four iron, and fairway woods. Always have a target to aim at on every shot. Work on only a few items on each swing. Take a practice swing before every practice ball you hit and work on the same items you work on when you hit a ball.

Have a plan on what you need to work on and stick to it. Its all about feel. How do feel when you get to the range. How do you feel when you leave the range. Have a purpose, just don’t go to the range for the fun of it. I mean have fun, but go to accomplish your plan. If you are felling a little tired during you practice, stop and take a break . Go back and finish concentrating on what you need to do. Don’t rush, take your time.

Make your practice on the range productive. When you get on the course, just think of how far away, select you proper club, take dead aim, relax and swing through the ball. You practice all the little items on the range and your golf game will improve and you will have loads more fun out there.

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