Does Your Body Turn Affect Your Golf Swing

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Pestana Alto Golf Course

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37 Responses to “Does Your Body Turn Affect Your Golf Swing”

  • Kevin mc donnell:

    good stuff mark! im recently just coming off a shoulder injury, a video and
    dealing with injuries in golf would be good (how to start back practicing
    again and all that) thanks!

  • Kris:

    Im doing the exact same mistake quite often. Thanks for great advice!

  • Jessica M:

    Hi Mr. Crossfield, I am a pretty experienced junior golfer, I shoot in the
    low 80s high 70s and I have been working on shortening my backswing. What
    do you think is the most important thing when trying to shorten your
    backswing? I know that sequence and plane is important (my plane on the
    backswing is to the outside but I bring it back down onto the plane line)
    but I would like to know what to feel, should I feel that my arms don’t
    pass my shoulder turn or something else? Also, thank you for posting all
    these videos they have helped me learn a lot about the golf swing! 

  • IamJoban:

    THANK YOU!!!! Hey mark been watching your videos for about a year. I
    started golfing more than once or twice a summer about 2 years ago. I
    played baseball growing up and threw high school. After I graduated I
    continued my sport threw softball (slow pitch baseball) anyhow my golf
    swing started out as some sort of Charles Barkley swing mixed in with a
    stiff robot. My friends always said that they couldn’t believe how sweet
    and smooth my baseball swing is and how awful my golf swing was. To this
    day I struggle with trying to use my baseball swing golfing(over rotating
    my hips and trying to pull the ball to left field). I used to shoot 125 on
    average but as of last Saturday I shot an all time low… 92 and average
    about 100 now granted 92 is nothing to call home about. But it has been a
    goal of mine to shoot low 90’s and I have achieved that goal! What this
    comment is all about is I owe the achievement of my goal to YOU!!!!
    Watching your videos have helped me turn my yippitty Barkley swing into a
    swing that has become my own! I will continue to watch your vids and may
    send a vid of my swing into you so you can help me with more of your
    expertise. By the way the golfing with friends videos are amazing! THANK
    YOU AGAIN MAN! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Schnicks_NZ:

    quick question. Is setting the club too early a bad thing. if at the top of
    the backswing, you get to the same position as if you had a wide backswing
    and set late?

  • Chris I:

    Nice one, I find shoulder action, rotation and position at impact a key to
    shot shaping and direction, definitely an important body movement to be
    aware of.

  • lee:

    I went for my first golf lesson lastnight and that was one of my problems
    so i will be defo trying this on the range hope it helps.

  • CR7hg:

    Definitely useful, I will try that as well. Thanks

  • Jason McClain:

    I have to get this app for sure!! I can hit a ball crazy far, but it goes
    straight for a bit, then it will draw far to the right almost every time,
    I’ve tried loads of stuff, but they only helped me hit the ball farther but
    not straight, any ideas before I get the app?

  • rystv:

    great video mark! really helpful tip.

  • ultimate golf:

    nice vid

  • Darrion Smith:

    GOLF SUCKS!!!!

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Here is part 1 of the Portugal trip with yourgolftravel. Part 2 tonight at
    7pm. Much more to come over the next month.
    Pestana Alto Golf Course:

  • Gorilla James:

    You haven’t seen nothing yet #Gorillachips 

  • Golfguy076:

    It was Rory’s honour over Mark on the last hole

  • DjTak3On3:

    So you outdrive the Gorilla by 40 yards. He hits a 9 iron in and you hit 7.

  • Mark Crossfield:
  • klarkus:

    I smiled and laughed throughout that entire video. Love it

  • ecgrem:


  • General Knoxx:

    great drive GJ at 9 mins
    ‘theres no point in hitting driver on this course’ -Crossfield in bunker

  • ubb4me:

    I think Rory and James needed the dark glasses to cut the glare from your
    legs. When did you figure out your zipper was undone?

  • Danny Worsdale:

    Great video! I was wondering if anyone actually ever watches the last 30
    seconds of any of the videos?? Haha

  • StankPunatra:

    Second hole green was demolished

  • james eadie:

    Rory start your holiday with a haircut

  • Trev D:


  • James Kendall:

    Hi Mark,

    Great video! What shoes are you wearing please?

  • AqueousMantra:

    Why are their shorts so short?

  • redlinejcw:

    Good vlog but not the same without Coach Lockey!

  • wiiiiiiiiweeeeeeee:

    Thinking of getting Rory’s putter. Any good Rory??

  • AssassinXization:

    You should do a video where you talk us through your golf bag and show us
    your range of clubs. 

  • Guy Wood:

    So glad these vlogs are back

  • Daniel TheGolfShagger:

    Rory #treetrouble

  • Rob Logan:

    I notice Rory’s using the new Taylormade Daddy Long Legs. Got one the other
    day and I love it!

  • Michaud Venant:

    yeah, on tv they are very serious and when I’m on the course I tend to be
    very serious too because I want a good score 🙂 But when you play like
    Mark, Rory & #GeeJay there’s room some to lark about 😛 Good vid and I’m
    looking forward to the next one!!

  • PingDrv00:

    Put those away!

  • Alan Heseltine:

    Fantastic stuff as usual. Great to see Rory and Gorilla out in the wild
    again. #Gorillachips #ChickenLegs 

  • Jeff Schroth:

    Are those your legs, or are you riding a chicken? :)