does a golf glove work??

Question by ANSWER-THEM-ALL: does a golf glove work??
how effective is a golf glove, than using your bare hand

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Answer by hello
Golf gloves are good for most people. It is definitely not a disadvantage. However, if you do play without a glove, you will most likely get blisters that will eventually become calluses. Once you have calluses, golf is fine, but it is painful to play a round with blisters. Golf gloves are useful when you want more grip on the club. Also, if you have a cord grip, they protect your hand when the grip gets old and could potentially cut your hands. Some people want the extra grip that a golf glove can provide, but it is not a life-or-death difference.

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  • ....#14....:

    A glove doesn’t give you an advantage, or dis-advantage. It protects your hands from blisters, since your left hand (or right, whichever is opposite of your best hand) is more likely to get blisters. Hey, everyone uses em, shouldn’t that be enough? 😛 lol

  • CAL:

    If you are gripping and swinging correctly, you won’t get blisters. The main advantage is that a glove allows you to grip with less pressure. A relaxed grip results in a better swing for most golfers. Gloves are particularly good to have in wet conditions or when it it very hot and your hands are sweating.

  • Martkal44:

    A golf glove is only used to give protection from the grip. It isn’t designed to give you more grip.

    This is the reason you see golfers putt and chip with the glove off, because without the glove you get more feel.

  • Joe:

    very effective,less slipping all around,its a must in hot weather,when a persom sweats

  • Billy:

    Yes Golf Gloves work great! I use a GFORE glove and I really like it. If you want to see a nice review on a glove check out

  • Mike B:

    A golf glove is effective at increasing your grip of the golf club, which is obviously very important. The grip is the only connection you have with the club and the golf ball, and most golfers rely on the added feel a glove can deliver. Normally players where the golf glove on the “leading” hand, which for a right handed person would be the left hand.

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