Do you buy a bucket of balls to chip and putt at driving range?

Question by Wondering????: Do you buy a bucket of balls to chip and putt at driving range?
I have only been to the driving range a couple of times and it was to hit balls. Do you still need to buy a bucket of balls to chip (then do you leave each ball on chipping green after one use?). What about for just putting?

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Answer by softballchic00
Yes, You just buy a bucket, they range from about $ 3-$ 10. Then, you just leave them on the course.

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7 Responses to “Do you buy a bucket of balls to chip and putt at driving range?”

  • miss america:

    i can’t say i putt at the driving range…
    i don’t really get what you’re asking. don’t walk out there and rehit balls if that’s what you’re asking…

  • Mike:

    you can buy range balls and use them on the putting greens but dont leave them on the greens. i dont see why you dont use your own balls though…

  • dvz:

    It depends on the facility. Some will let you do it all. Some ranges, you will need to rent a tube of balls for there chipping area. As for putting, you should use your own balls that you play with. So, you’ll get the feel. If you are still not sure. Do what the Romans do when you are in Rome. Hope that helps.

  • ixnaytim:

    Always use your own balls putting. It is a feel thing. And most places will let you putt for free if you cause no problems. It is a don’t ask, don’t tell thing. You don’t have to buy balls to practice your short game. And the ones you use, yours or theirs you can go get as many times as you like. The only time you cant get the balls is after a full swing down the range. That is where the ball becomes the courses.

  • zackmonawar:

    Well, I the best way to save money is just to buy balls for the driving range, and go to the store and buy about 3 dozen balls (36), and get a shag bag. That entirley will cost you about 50$ , but every time you go to the golf course you won’t have to buy a bucket for the chipping green because what the shag bag does is a tool to pick up, and hold the balls you have hit, and you can keep reusing them not to mention that the balls on the range are not as accurate as the ones you buy, this will save you a lot of money, and I hope everything works out for you.

  • thelau:

    I’ve never been to a range where they charge to use the putting greens. I have been to plenty of ranges where they don’t allow chipping though. If you don’t have any balls of your own though, might as well grab a bucket.