Do I have the chops to make the high school golf team?

Question by Bails903: Do I have the chops to make the high school golf team?
Okay, so last year, I tried out for the high school golf team, didn’t really work out. Now, I have been training all year and have improved tremendously. I shot a 85 on a par 71 course last week, and really all I need to do over the summer is straighten out my drive and continue to work on short game. My question is that if I can legit hit 85-90 (my 85 last week was more like a 90 if I count drops) would i be able to make my high school golf team. Any advice on how to straighten out that drive and any golf tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Yes, make sure you count all strokes, even in practice rounds so you have a real sense of where your game is. Then, your improvement will really show as your reduce your penalty strokes and need for drops. 85-90 may make some high school teams while it may not make others. In our high school, my friend shot 88 in the team qualifier and missed by 2 shots. Typically 85 was about the cut off for 10th place (to make the team).

I don’t know what’s going on with your driver, so the place to start is with the fundamentals (setup, stance, alignment, ball position, grip, hands in relation to your body, etc.). It also depends on the type of driver you’re using and are you hitting it the proper way (hitting the ball on the upswing rather than a descending blow).

Check out the following blog for interesting golf strategy and advice. Maybe there’s something there that can help lower your score by a stroke or two. Good luck! (Oh, and don’t settle for shooting 85. Stretch and try to get to the low 80s this summer. Then next year, you will be breaking 80, or better.

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