Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: 5 Tips to Save 5 Strokes

Disc golf pro Brad Schick boils down his years of success into five tips that can help you trim five throws from your next round. This Discraft disc golf cli…
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25 Responses to “Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: 5 Tips to Save 5 Strokes”

  • TheBossDiscGolfer:

    Wow! This’ll help lots. Thank you!!!!

  • Discraft Disc Golf:

    Fresh vid. GO!

  • RascalRoscoe:

    4:04 – very impressive roller. Never really used that shot. I’ll have to
    grasp it after seeing the advantages.

  • Slevin Kelevra:

    Good advice, but he sounds like each time we do these things it causes him
    chest pains or something.

  • Smiley J:

    Discraft…you guys need to pick up the pace on making these vids
    man…theyre so awesome we need more!!

  • Spike Hyzer:

    Scrambling is often the product of making the heroic shot, however.

  • Austin Twomey:

    Four letters in disc golf I live by, just like tip #5, K.I.S.S. , Keep It
    Simple Stupid.

  • Dakota Beals:

    I would rather have a head wind putt instead of a tail wind because you
    usally wont miss low and it will give you a chance for it to go in if its
    pin high

  • Naska311:

    He makes me want to see will ferrel do a Tim and Eric style disc golf lesson

  • Herkkukori:

    Thumbs up for that

  • Scott Smith:


  • burgrman:

    Yes but if you were actually listening and not looking for something
    asinine to say, you would realize that he has several of each model. Simple
    by his definition is carrying just a few models of discs and having 4-5 of
    each model for practice or using them a little more beat up or not. He
    probably ony has 6-7 models of discs like 3 types of drivers, 2 types of
    mids, and maybe 1-2 types of putters. When I carry a simple bag, I have 3
    bosses, 3 wraiths, 3 TLs, 4 buzzzes, 1 Yeti, and 2 Magics.

  • acrorrusd:

    learning a lot from all of these videos. I grew up playing Disc Golf, but
    got away from it fro a few years. Back at it with a passion now. Keep up
    the good work on these instructional videos.

  • aroman010:

    Very informative! Thanks guys. I have definitely been getting better
    watching these videos and practicing.

  • burgrman:

    Both are when you are in a pretty bad spot. Scrambling is usually when
    there is enough of a window and the risk is minimal but you need a special
    type of shot to save par or bog. etc.. Heroic shots are when you have
    almost nothing that will get you to the pin and even if you get out, you
    probably won’t save a stroke.

  • SteelkiltX:

    Great vid….Sage advice…

  • g0ing2f4st:

    In my area its like 95% no wind days, but when that wind comes my game goes
    to hell

  • Trevor Hobbs:

    really nice video, super helpful

  • DiscGolfingFool:

    A supporter of Ockham’s Razor! Nice!

  • Drew Preston:

    Same with engineering!

  • Ally Armstrong:

    I’m a disc golf beginner

  • kingcharelsyoung29:

    Great video thanks

  • burgrman:

    As you get better and your accuracy improves, missing low will stop your
    disc at the pin because you were on target but it just dropped too much son
    now there is no next putt. If you miss high, no matter how accurate it is,
    you could go 20+ feet beyond the basket.

  • AmpTraction10205:

    That was a great clinic, my son Mikey Stonestreet and I were there, and
    I’ve played with Brad many of times over the years. This will definitely
    help you save some strokes on your game. It even helped me learn to not be
    a hero sometimes…

  • Oak Brook Disc Golf:

    Fresh vid. GO!