Disc Golf Tips & Techniques : Disc Golf Putting Techniques

Putting in disc golf is one of the most important and difficult techniques to master. Practice on balance, patience and accuracy with advice from a disc golf player in this free video on disc…
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Golf Tips For Beginners | http://perfectmygolfswing.info It is important to note that when first starting to play golf you do not need to go out and buy the most expensive set of golf clubs…
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18 Responses to “Disc Golf Tips & Techniques : Disc Golf Putting Techniques”

  • jlawhon:

    Good information. I’m a beginner, and this information helped me greatly
    with putting basics. Thanks for posting.

  • Fluxx84:

    Just started playing, great video!

  • Carbon Blob:

    a lot of good info, presented well and without fluff

  • Ian Stone:

    Not a single thing wrong with your information. Covered a large overview
    and hit the the most important parts with easy to understand information.
    Thanks a lot man.

  • DerMonsterHase:

    Discgolf REAL o_O i play it on PS3 xD

  • Jarrod Young:

    I like how this video doesn’t make you feel like you’re using the wrong
    disc and have to buy disc x by brand y.

  • jeffthrow6892:

    Very good, basic tips video here…….

  • JoekSports:

    Nice tips and tricks! Me and a buddy play Disc Golf once in a while. We
    made an edit and would like peoples opinions about it! /watch?v=r0HP8BZoJ6Q

  • claywilson2000:

    Watched this vid two days ago and it IMMEDIATELY help my putting. the part
    about releasing straight up was soooo true. I started sinking 90% of my
    putts after that. Also, don’t forget to put that little kick on your back
    foot as you release, it gives your disc that extra momentum you need to hit
    your target. It’s a tiny thing, but it made the difference between hitting
    the rim or hitting chains.

  • Tiegurrr:

    one of the few instructional vids that doesn’t try to change your shot, but
    offers great tips and options if one needs to do so, great vid, thanks!

  • David Moskovitz:

    Loved it!

  • DruMMerFan721:

    My friends and I call the Turbo Putt the Super Putt. You just call out
    “super putt!” and throw it whether you’re 5ft or 25 ft away

  • ShiftxHDxGhSt:

    @pheonix11525 Dude what the fuck u talking about

  • daBmV:

    don’t be lazy, come outside and try it for real ! (even though I hope
    you’ve already gave it a try since it is 1yr old post ;o) )

  • n00bsrbeast:

    he putts exactly the same as i do 😀

  • jjwray4:

    would have been nice to see him finish the video by sinking that disc he
    had in the basket behind him

  • Rachel Kuperberg:

    Thanks for the kind info. I’m just starting out!!!

  • MakeMyOwnFuture: