Desert Springs Golf Course Lesson Day 3 Part 2

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49 Responses to “Desert Springs Golf Course Lesson Day 3 Part 2”

  • W. Jones:

    I don’t have gorilla distance, but I’m pretty sure I make “gorilla divots” as well. Lol.

  • MaJo DiuLi:

    love it!

  • TheTraumaFactor:

    I love every single one of these

  • Evan Bennett:

    No need to be a prick, prick.

  • HarryEccy:

    Luvin it

  • kadasha johnson:

    because their legends and they dont need to repair divots

  • kadasha johnson:

    your mum needs to practise putting mate
    she a 36 handicap golfer aye?

  • Brendank987:

    I think its hilarious when James repeats “Nikon” after every time Mark says it xD

  • Ed Jenks:

    Interesting to see you have the covert driver but not the three wood, but interesting to know why as I was think of getting the covert three wood!

  • Trev D:

    Yes but he has changed a lot of his equipment since then, such as his irons for instance. He used to use the MP64s but now uses the JPX 825s. I was suggesting that he should do an updated one. 🙂

  • flippinsweet387:

    fuck James needs to practice putting lol, he’d be so good if he could chip and putt

  • Diego Diaz:

    I’ve yet to see this mark fella hit a proper golf shot for his standard of golf as yet.

  • Diana Carpenter:

    Flawlessly working and 100% free of viruses and any other threats!

  • Kevin mc donnell:

    the more speed through the ball, the more spin, so what he meant was he would usually hit an 8 for that distance but he thought it would spin back off the green so he took an extra club and swung easy

  • PathWayToThePGATour:

    helo youtubers check out my channel im a kid trying to gain steam in my channel do course vlogs and tournement vlogs thanks

  • Imazor12345:

    Great course vlog

  • westonp80:

    why does mark laugh like a crazy old lady?!?!

  • itubeutude:

    Mark, if you were off the green and had mud on the ball, why not chip it instead of putt?

  • itubeutude:

    how do you take the spin off a 7?

  • Mrleighwhite:

    Terrible golf top. Great video though.

  • zimkitch:

    LOVE the shirt MC.

  • Michael Sutton II:

    Does mark always set up a lil bit closed ??

  • Eugene Robson:


  • Bob Bobbington:

    why don’t you guys repair divots?

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  • contents1231:

    This is cool man cheers

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    Yes … you will see the correction in annotation box. Thanks for commenting.

  • Herman Williams Golf:


  • Robert Dristaru:

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  • Christopher Wang:

    Ok – how does that camera work? Do you press a button when you want it to start recording at higher fps or what?

  • Michael Smith:

    That is sterne not oosthuizen

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    Chris, It would be nice to be able to do both, but the original swing footage is filmed in slow motion except for parts you see at normal speed.

  • Christopher Wang:

    Herman could you repost this video with all the full speed swings too? Would love to see all these guys’ tempos.

  • Jose Blanco:

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  • Habari1212:

    Impressive video! Thank you Herman for that beautiful spectacle and insight to all the best players in the world basically.

  • jason stanley:

    Great vid

  • cam platt:

    Ah okay mate sorry about that 🙂
    have a nice day

  • Gaber1983:

    That was awesome Herm thank you! I’ll be at the 2014 practice rounds (Wednesday) if I see you i’ll stop and say hello!

    Thanks again – can’t wait for it to come

  • ortensfavorit:

    Would you think that going with 17deg hybrid instead of a 20 if your feeling sometimes they are a bit high?

  • ojhda:

    He is 63 years young, nice one!

  • ilayer6:

    Pff i love golf so much, i think it should even be considered as a real sport

  • Rory Williamson:

    That wasn’t louis

  • Daniel Yoo:

    This was a sweet video..the range at the beginning was pretty interesting haha, getting to see pros warm up. Anyways, If you guys are ever in need of a community to talk about stuff like this, catch up on golf news/reviews, etc., visit “bunkersparadise (dot com)”

  • Bammersbradley69:

    Pretty good commentary mate… thanks.

  • thanate phupradid:


  • Stan Cratcha:

    lol this video looks like it was taken in 1950

  • djmrnelson:

    One of the best videos on golf. Real talk.

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