David Leadbetter Longer Drive Golf Tip

David Leadbetter Longer Drive Golf Tip

Golf Life Television presents a golf tip from Legendary golf coach David Leadbetter. Visit www.leadbettergolf.com and for more great video features visit us …
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Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 2 - Backhand (Instructional Disc Golf video)

Go deep in the game of Disc Golf with Discmania! Click the CC button for captions. In this second episode of the series, Disc Golf world champion Avery Jenki…
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50 Responses to “David Leadbetter Longer Drive Golf Tip”

  • Fred Jaminson:

    I was waiting for him to hit it and the video ended.

  • njs300800:

    Leadbetter is a reptilian humanoid

  • kidjunior5:

    Instruction such as this is how I can drive a golf ball two-hundred and
    seventy-five yards as a fourteen year old. Better?


    Why go for the tip, when you can go for the “Big Stick”? 😀

  • petereuropa:


  • justafaceinthecrow:

    @tomsmith100 aint that the truth

  • azapro911:

    Not too many people from Worthing sound that South African. 😛

  • الوتر الحساس:

    easy for you to say

  • kidjunior5:

    Instruction like this is why I can drive the ball 275 yards as I average
    sized 14 year old.

  • GirlsMeetGentlemen:

    Guys this is a teching Golf – Driving Video and nothing about a big Stick
    😉 Alternatively you may call it the Big Bertha 😉

  • alex pedroza:

    she looks like Will Ferrell

  • mnbong:

    Guys, she just wants the tip.

  • No1101:

    I thought there was nothing more enjoyable than hitting a nice crisp iron

  • Mark Conroy:


  • triggaz77:

    You need to spend a little less time on the golf course and a little more
    time in school judging from your literacy level.

  • tomsmith100:

    Its all backwards for us lefties!

  • TKOut:

    @innerhappiness what are you talking about…

  • Zoltrix89:

    Didn’t even need to scroll down to know that the top comments would be
    regarding “the big stick”

  • W. Jones:

    I really wish there was no music in this video. It was annoying and made it
    harder to focus on what he was saying.

  • f:

    why in heaven he never finish his lesson with a real hit drive… maybe
    can’t do it well.

  • Ties B.:

    That girl doesn’t look like she needs help with the big stick 😉

  • manuhunter101:

    yeah those comments are funny because big stick is a synonym for penis

  • MegaSmarterthanyou:

    id like to give her the “BIG STICK”

  • Tim Lin:

    I hit my big stick 300 yards after watching this lovely lady.

  • DaddyStank:

    Damn those are some beautiful upshots…

  • DaddyStank:

    Been playing for like 5 years and just realized I rotate on the ball of my
    foot. I can totally see how a heel rotation would give you freer movement
    and therefore more power. Can’t wait to get back on the course now!
    Thanks Avery and Discmania!

  • Mike Jones:

    The pros would shit bricks at the courses around where I live. All these
    courses I see on youtube are on open fields with maybe 1 or 2 trees in the
    way. Every course around here has 3 trees minimal right in front of you or
    super long straight shots between trees.

  • BOiiWHiiTE1982:

    What discs are you driving with in the intro footage? The neon 1 and white

  • Shovelhead74AMF:

    I have not tried the heal pivot yet. In this video early while demostrating
    the 4 step drive he clearly piviots on the ball of his foot yet preached
    pivitong on the heal later. However I do love his videos I find them
    informative amd professional. I am goping to try this heal technique later
    today. Thanks for posting…

  • Alex Padilla:

    THe best piece of advice I learned in this video. The last step of the
    x-step should land at 90 degrees. Seems like a small pointer, but it has
    enabled me to use more force from my hips and legs. I’ve generated around
    30-50 feet in my throws from this one tip.

  • Tony Kullberg:

    awesome ! you got a new sub :)

  • Russell MacDougall:

    You make the best disc golf instructional videos out there.

  • OmniumAtmosphere:

    Honestly this is one of the best instructional vids on throwing backhand
    I’ve seen on here.

  • Richard Hohn:

    His last pro tip is to rotate on the heel of your front foot during the
    follow through, but for all his demo drives before that he rotates on the
    ball of his foot.

  • Deva Bindu:

    Awesome video. You listed the music as Airhead and Blackstar halo, but what
    is the song used on the intro? 

  • Patukkamies:

    I shaked hands with this awesome man in Deep in the Game in Kokkola! 🙂
    Thanks AVERY!

  • Kevin P M:

    Can’t really understand the nose down statement. Nose down for more
    distance? They just dive into the ground if I try that.

  • TheSoulcraft:

    Anyone used the ‘mvp’ brand disc much? Our local shop JUST started carrying
    em.I use mostly innova & discraft-am looking for something similar to the
    Discraft-‘stalker esp ‘ & Innova’s ‘ape’ & ‘blizzard in the mvp brand just
    as i noticed i liked the feel of their edges.

  • DiscmaniaGolfDiscs:

    djfinesse1: Sorry that you are disappointed. We admit that the name Deep in
    the Game as a name promises a lot. Our goal with this project was to offer
    deeper insight to people who has found the sport and they do not know much
    about techniques. Our target group for these videos are players with 0-3
    years experience. That´s the mass off players. For more advanced players,
    we have episodes Mental Game and Monster Distance. These are areas that are
    not reviewed too often.


    7:37 any one else think that was a nug?

  • Jason Odermatt:

    Could use some more time on Grip, cant quite get a clear picture of how the
    disk is held, its mentioned but goes by fast. How about some still shots,
    top down, bottom up, pov,

  • effing600613:

    Excellent — I’ve been playing for 5 years and this is a nice refresher. I
    know the big D video is coming as well. For the next round — perhaps
    addressing some common pitfalls and misconceptions — make it a
    progression. This is easily the best backhand instruction I’ve seen so far.
    There’s some good videos out there, too.

  • ofthemorningstar:

    Liking this set of videos, the pivot tip in here along with the chin-up tip
    on the putting vid have really helped me.

  • discgolferlee:

    the videos just started….

  • Dainslaif:

    From my experience, you likely just worked a muscle group that’s underused.
    When I first started I thought I jacked my elbow too, but after a few days
    I noticed it was actually my tricep muscles being sore and the pain went up
    my arm. Give yourself plenty of time to rest until it stops hurting, then
    play again, but ease into it. Don’t try throwing 350+ ft drives your first
    time out; start small. You may also want to do exercises that work your
    tricep to strengthen it.

  • Brent MacDonald:

    great vid! pivoting on the heel instead of the ball is very awkward for
    me, I’ve been trying to work on it for a while.

  • djfinesse1:

    ran out of characters…throwing the “euro” way=doesnt matter if you pivot
    thru on the ball because u are able to throw your weight and hips in a
    straight line with the throw If u rotate thru on the ball up to your
    release your left hip starts rotating outward from the back pulling the
    disc offline=hard to be powerful and accurate. with heel=able to maintain
    line and keep weight shift and hips in straight line to shot. watch “dgm
    95” dave feldberg shows and explains exactly what im talking about

  • Nick Hill:

    These videos are really helpful however I do have one issue; the Disc Mania
    guys have themselves posted in this comments section that these are for the
    relatively new players however why then does a video that tells you how to
    throw backhand, only concentrate on the drive?!?!?! I know the pro’s
    generally drive>putt, drive>putt etc etc but new players (like me) also
    have to throw the shorter, mid-range backhand shots which no-one seems to
    cater for. Come on give me some useful tips on that too 🙂

  • JTfilms09:

    Some of the issues you’re confused about were addressed: On wrist snap:
    Avery mentioned the Shoulder and upper arm being primary muscles used and
    the wrist being secondary. On avoiding rounding: Avery mentioned trying to
    pull your arm through on a straight line, and to try to pull the disc over
    your lead leg on the plant. Try the lead leg visualization! Also, I think
    many would disagree with your comments about keeping head down equating to