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For over 10 years Krank Golf has been developing and refining the art of golf driver design. Krank Golf was born in the Sport of Long Drive out of there pass…

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29 Responses to “Custom Long Drivers | Krank Golf”

  • jj thompson:

    Have you seen the price of this thing?? U can get a brand new g30 and have
    plenty of change left for the price if this thing, and u only get the head
    with krank lol crazy

  • Dean Rogers:

    I bought one of these over a year ago and hit it straighter and longer than
    any other driver I have ever hit. It’s an amazing driver.

  • BombTechGolf:

    Come on guys. Everyone knows that Krank can’t compete with BombTech Golf!!
    Hit more fairways and have shorter seconds when you pull the pin!

  • GOLF:

    Learn more about Custom Long Drivers | Krank Golf #golf 

  • Lee (formerly Cahnt):

    Impressive stuff. When are you reviewing the Ping Rapture 3W, Rick? It’s
    been on the Ping website for ages but there’s hardly any videos of it.

  • Andy Yeomans:

    About time for a shoot out between this and the Ping Rapture 13 deg 3 wood

  • dairniel:

    “It’s like a big headed 3 wood”
    So basically it’s like how drivers were about 15 years ago?
    Nowt wrong with that; I still use a Big Bertha Warbird. 

  • N LS:

    We had these in work (Direct Golf). Sold like hot cakes. The feedback was
    very favourable. 

  • blazingdan:

    I noticed that I hit my 15* i25 further and just as straight as the 14*
    mini. Not sure why…just one of those things for me. That said, for me at
    least, the 13* Ping Rapture, in addition to being crazy expensive, is also
    crazy long and quite accurate. I much prefer the Rapture to the mini as
    both a driver replacement and a solid strong 3-wood. I have no problem
    hitting it off the fairway and good rough lies, and it is long and straight
    off the tee–noticeably longer than my i25 15*, which it should be.
    Anyways, keep up the great videos!

  • The99Johny:

    is easier hit this mini driver than hit the 3 wood?

  • JAG sixtyfive:

    It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against the SLDR S Driver.
    So when you get the SLDR S in stock to review…..

  • Phil Jones:

    Why do these guys insist on testing a Mini Driver off the deck? Doesn’t
    it’s name suggest it is intended to be used as a driver for the great
    majority of weekend golfers who struggle with the driver off the tee?


    What are you doing when you set up your grip? I keep noticing you do
    something with your right hand to set up your left.

    Do you have a grip video by any chance? 

  • Stephen Jordan:

    The carry was shorter than the 3 woods you tested. 

  • 99johnmatrix:

    How much did you get paid for this rick

  • David Tigue:

    off the deck you have the toe up.. That’s you for sure… You let the club
    sit different.

  • 愛知県 ゴルフ 【 庶民派サラリーマン 】:

    SLDR S Mini Driver なるものがあるんですね?




  • Ronnie McCurry:

    All talk and not action

  • Scorpic13:

    Hi +RickShielsPGAGolf. Is this SLDR Mini Driver made out of steel or
    titanium? I have tried to find info about that but I have missed out every
    time :-/

  • Sgt Pepper:

    Don’t know what happened 2 your 3 wood testing but this would of been
    knocked out in the 1st round,in your test u hit the x2 hot 3deep over 250
    yards twice & averaged 243 yards so why not put this in the bag?

  • Rick Shiels PGA:

    TaylorMade Mini Driver SLDR review on GC2 @TaylorMadeTour @ForesightEurope

  • mike hunt:

    Only taylor made would make a club like this

  • MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez:

    Rick, I have hit a Tour-Made J-Max Bazooka, 15 degree for years and found
    it so much easier to hit than less lofted clubs. But why? I can also draw
    it much better. Any comments. Having said that since watching your video on
    the xHot Callaway, I have that in the bag as well. xHot is so light, and
    colossal, effortless distance. Thanks! 

  • Lloyd D:

    Great little club but it be alot better with a good shaft in it. You gain
    alot more distance. I changed the standard shaft in my SLDR 3 wood to a
    rombax i gained around 24 yards further. The standard shafts in the SLDR
    range are ok but theres better 

  • Joe Chen:

    Nice video Rick. I have tried this club, to me it is in between driver and
    3 wood, especially off ground. It could be the new trend, and woudl be
    interesting to see how other companies respond to this ‘new’ club

  • geoff Henderson:

    Gotta say i found the face a bit dead no longer than my Mizuno EZ 3 wood
    and the Mizuno is easy off the deck and tee

  • GENO Dboy:

    an you do this vs callaway deep model 

  • mark dangerfield:

    Great video rick, wish i could hit my shots “a bit left” from the floor . 

  • Ronnie McCurry:

    What loft??