Cure The Over The Top Golf Swing With Your Hips

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25 Responses to “Cure The Over The Top Golf Swing With Your Hips”

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Stop your over the top downswing with Kvest 3D tech,

  • Constantine P:

    I’m not sure why there are so many dislikes. Good job, Mark.

  • Paul Young:

    I don’t really understand what to take to the course from this video

  • Juan Lozano:

    I think that a swing similar to Jim Furyk’s but not as exaggerated will
    cure over the top swing easily without the Kvest or other accoutrements. He
    swings the club out in almost a straight line then at the top he brings the
    club back in toward his body and tucks the right elbow into the body. I
    tried that method and it definitely helps to reduce over the top swing.
    Since his swing is so different it is easy to see how he does it and copy

  • Shanon Cuskelly:

    Mark it has taken a while, but I finally get the point this video is
    making. Extend the hips on the downswing (rather than trying to pull your
    arms down) to avoid going over the top. Thanks for your great insights and
    efforts to help hacks like me!!!

  • FlyingSolo77:

    You never really defined pelvic bend. I’m going to watch the video again
    to see if I can figure it out but how bout some text at the beginning with
    a description. Thanks.

  • Harold Pohoresky:

    terrific video

  • Mark Rice:

    Mark, I’m sorry, but I don’t like this… It’s not you… You’re WAY better
    than this half-assed gizmo… You’ve always emphasized what I call the
    ‘mental feel’ of the game (my words), and that’s why you’re my favourite
    golf guru!… Don’t get into this stuff.. it’s beneath you and serves no
    one except the person selling it… Keep on doing what you’ve always been
    doing, please!

  • james eadie:

    lets run out and get a K vest, this will go with the superman cape and the
    bat fink wings.. load of tosh folks, handicaps from Ben Hogan day to
    present have not changed even with all this technology club advancement
    better balls handicaps remain the same . . swing within yourself and play
    to your limitations.

  • daryl moore:

    I thought it was pretty damn informative myself. Golf is a game of
    intellect, especially the swing..js

  • clarence Carson:

    Thanks for the great info in the video Mark. I have struggled with coming
    over the top in my golf swing and recently found a golf swing training aid
    called the Hip TraX that has helped with teaching me how to properly rotate
    my hips to create a more fluid golf swing.

  • Martin Moore:

    Hi Mark I am struggling with this too. Do you mean tilt up and down, like a
    see saw or more horizontal turn ie right hip turning towards the ball. you
    did a video on this recently saying that if the right hip moves to fast, it
    blocks the swing path, hence you go over the top. Is this a development of
    this idea? I am guessing not.

  • Mark Crossfield:

    great comment and i have more videos coming to try and help explain 3d in
    more detail. This is always a very hard subject for golfers who have never
    though in 3d terms.

  • 96dkl:

    This is so unclear.

  • Edaddy916:

    dont understand it but really like the videos though!

  • Ron Hales:

    some of us are in our sixties and still trying to improve you are going to
    have to explain this in more depth with drills

  • Ryan W:

    Lost me. Is there another video

  • Scot Lykins:

    Useless video from a usually good instructor. Seems Mark is trying to
    provide a hook for Parson’s product

  • Mark Crossfield:

    thanks for the comment there will be more follow ups to help try and make
    the 3d world more clear. It is just a very new way of thinking for lots of

  • jartstopsign:

    Look at all that beautiful sky over Don!

  • kushagrakachhawaha:

    Mark it would be easy to visualize if you could use a alignment stick thru
    the trousers loops on the right and can show the angle going from 20 to 0
    to 20 and beyond Also if you could use the waundu which to stick to club
    face to show ball s target line, thru your belt and show the angles from 20
    to 0 20 and beyond, it will be easy to visualize

  • matthew connolly:

    For everyone who watches Marks videos like myself, have to understand that
    the Mark is giving you information related to the problems in “your” swing.
    This doesn’t mean that every video is for everyone. You have find the
    problem in your own swing and then change it, not watch every video and
    assume that absolutely everything he says is directed at you! Find YOUR
    swing fault and act accordingly!

  • MiniBlueDragon:

    I think this is a little clearer for me when looking at still images.
    Pausing at: 3:22 = 20 degree address position. 3:37 = 16 degree top of the
    backswing. 3:50 = 4 degrees impact position. I really didn’t see how it was
    possible to have level hips at impact but having just had a play in front
    of the mirror it’s something achievable with work. Thanks Mark. 🙂

  • Mark Crossfield:

    thanks for watching and I am glad it made sense. more videos coming to try
    and help others understand 3d

  • nevadams:

    A few drills would be nice way to learn how to improve this part of the